Bunnings - Skills brand Cordless Circular Saw (without battery pack) $5

8 July 2012

Saw a really cheap cordless circular saw at Bunnings today.

Only $5 but without the battery pack...

I am not sure how much the battery pack is but it is also stocked at Bunnings. No matter what it is, it works out to be a very cheap circular saw!

I can't find a picture or link on the Bunnings website.

So you will have to find it in-store :)

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  • admin EDITOR
    Not the best brand in the world but @ $5 who cares. Wondering whether this is across all stores or it was just the one you were in.
  • queenshrew
    I was at the Oxley store, Brisbane... In case anyone's interested!
  • Pookie
    brings new meaning to disposable blades :)

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