Bullsh*t Button $14.90 delivered ($9.90 if ur in ACT) @ Tesora.com.au + 9% Cashback!

7 December 2007

Lmao - this is so going to be a secret santa present for someone at work!!!!!!! :-)

Once again - need to use promo code FSDTEN at checkout for $10 off.

Bullsh*t Button

The perfect desktop companion! If you think that your colleague is beginning to spout a load of rubbish, just reach over and hit this to let him know what you think!

Bullshit Button is a fantastic gift to liven up any office! When the big red button is pressed it lights up and various sound clips play, including:

'Warning! Warning! Bullsh*t Alert!'
(Horn Sound) 'That Was Bullsh*t!'
'Bullsh*t Detected! Take Precautions!'
'Bullsh*t Level Defcon 5!'
'Oh Come On Now, That Isn't Even Bullsh*t! That's Horsesh*t!'

Manually operated desktop device to drown out the surrounding nonsense.
Built in speaker.
Slap the button to broadcast the alerts.
The Bullsh*t Button is even wall mountable!
Requires 2 x AAA batteries (included)

H 50mm
Ø 75mm

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  • BulBulKSA
    I tried to use this deal but couldn't use the voucher because I was only ordering one item and it wasn't costing over $20.00 I've emailed the company to see if they can assist me at all because I don't want to pay $25.00 for this item.
  • nod
    Great idea for an office Secret Santa :D
  • lilpretzel
    I've expired this now since they have changed the terms and put up the limit. :) Minimum spend for this FreeStuffDay offer is $20.00. Offer excludes hampers, flowers, service and shipping fees. Terms & Conditions Apply.

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