BigW - Learn To Draw - 4 Books - $16.93

17 May 2009

I have been looking at these great books for sometime. Very rarely do they come down in price. Terrific for kids to learn how to draw (or adults). They're usually $29.95, but Big W have them for $16.93 at the moment.

There are four choices, (aiming at both boys and girls), and all $16.93.

* GROOVY THINGS TO DRAW (one for the girls - fairies, princesses, baby animals, horses etc)
* DRAW REALLY COOL STUFF (one for the boys - dinosaurs, cars, desert animals, insects, ocean & rainforest animals)
* DRAW MANGA (6 books in 1 - draw people, robots, fantasy)
* YOU CAN DRAW (farm animals, pets, sea creatures, wild animals, cartoon characters)

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  • NoosieB
  • alimac
    Thanks Noosie. Just picked up the Really Cool Stuff book - kids will love it:)

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