Big W - Chevron Energy Saver Lightbulbs - 2 X 4 Packs for $10

1 April 2008

Please Delete - Seems this was previously posted as a Deal - didn't show on a Big W search

Chevron Spiral Or Standard Energy Saver Packs

Two For $10.00 (save Up To $6.86 Each)

4 pack. Spiral energy saver available in 11W, 14W, 18W or 23W bayonet or screw-in. Standard energy saver available in 9W, 11W, 15W or 18W bayonet or screw-in. Only at Big W. Compared to incandescent globes: Use 80% less energy, last up to 10 times longer (up to 10,000 hours), cost less to run and give off a warm white light.

Ends 09 April

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