Artscow - personalised tote bag for US$7.99 delivered

11 April 2010

"As Mothers Day is tinkering on most of our minds, the latest promotion from ArtsCow sees our full range of tote bags put on offer. A favorite of ours, these totes are bound to give your mom a pleasant surprise. Convenient and durable, but lacking nothing in terms of design, grocery shopping is time to show off.

For the first time ever, the entire range of totes will be made available with this Mothers Day special promotion, so look no further for something thats practical and personally styled for your mom. With prices starting from $7.99 each including free shipping, you could do a lot worse elsewhere."

I got a plain one and went into the "silverlight" designer, chose a "kit" that let me put three separate photos on the bag - so I could have good photos of each of the kids (without using photoshop, just can't get a good photo of all three at the same time!). Mother's day present done. Maybe just need to get some decent chocolates to put in it... ;-)

Coupon code: TTBAG799

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  • nelly
    I have not ordered a tote bag from Artscow. Can anyone advise on the quality of the tote bag? Great price. I am thinking of getting one for the MIL
  • ninkasi
    There are some good reviews on the bags at the site, as well as photos. Personally I have no idea how good it will be when it gets here, but hey - how bad could it be? I guess it all depends how much you like the MIL I'm not relying on it being the only present but I suspect it will make a nice present in conjunction with something else.... ;-)
  • frogduck
    hmm, I don't really know what a tote bag is supposed to be like but I ordered one last time. It came as like a 1 layer canvas bag with no zipper/pockets but the quality of the printing was nice. It looked like it was pretty strong material, but as it was only 1 layer, you can't expect too much I guess. I was only using it as a creative bag to hold some presents :) I don't have any photos of it now as I gave it away :(
  • ninkasi
    Well mine arrived today - so ordered 11/4 and arrived 19/4. For the price, definitely happy. Single layer canvas - similar to the canvas bags you can get now at most supermarkets, not a lot of double stitching other than perhaps on the handle joins but even so it seems to be well made so should last a while..... Quality of the printing was high. Well packaged - sent from Hong Kong. The photo book I ordered 1/4 also arrived today - so took a lot longer but also very happy with it for the price. Also well packaged and finished. It really is like a book - so if you were thinking it might be like one of those photo books you might get through a professional service (eg like you might get through a wedding photographer) then no. You're not getting that. If you look closely at the photos you can see fine lines, for example, and the paper itself is fairly thin. But, again, for the price, this was great value.

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