Another 42k Marathon? No, its a CATCHATHON VIII!!

16 August 2007

There are some great deals!
-5 pack Greater Union movie tickets for $39.95
-iPod Speaker System for $69.95
-Cool Water Woman EDT 100ml by Davidoff for $38.00
-Autopaper Shredder $28.00
-Designer WOven Pinstripe Jacket $9.95

and many many more

Plus Buy any 5 items during the Cathathon and receive a free Blazer top valued at $40

Remember combined shipping! You will receive 50% discount on shipping for any additional items you buy.

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  • nod
    Hi Triangel Welcome to Buckscoop :flowers: The movie tickets are a deal. I tend to find that the Catchathons have a lot of stuff I don't need Do they have piccies of the blazer?
  • triangel
    They only have one BLAZER top in the website, so I'm assuming its this one! ________ ]Carlos reutemann
  • nod
    Do they give you a colour choice? :eek: :D
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - nice shade of pink. Thanks triangel and nice to have you sharing what you find.
  • triangel
    no colour choice, but sizes range from S,M, L, XL ________ ]Hemp
  • nod
    This looked ok
  • nod
    not sure I would bother with the blazer
  • Emma EDITOR
    Welcome to BuckScoop from me too triangel!!! That blazer isn't the best, but the movie tickets is a great deal - voting hot!

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