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25 November 2011

The innovative Ionmax Natural Lamp desk, or it is also known as full spectrum light,is designed to counter the adverse physical and mental effects of Sick Office Syndrome from artificially created internal environments.

This stylish two-in-one appliance outputs glare-free, flicker-free, daylight-balanced light; the same as natural daylight. Inexpensive tungsten and ordinary fluorescent lighting has an imperceptible flicker that can resonate with brain waves. This causes fatigue, stress, and may set off epileptic reactions in more susceptible people.

This is achieved through combining:

- Innovative Ioniser (negative ion generator) to enhance our overall feeling of wellbeing.
- Natural light for more comfortable visual.
- Stylish and quality design to perfectly fit any home or office.

plus many other features.

Light from the Ionmax Natural Lamp desklamp works at a frequency of 10,000 Hz, which produces a soft, flicker-free, clean white light. Ordinary desk lamps work at a frequency of around 50 - 60 Hz and flicker subliminally. When colour accuracy is important, daylight-balanced light displays the most true-to-life, natural colour. Ordinary lighting has a warm or cool colour cast in comparison with the Ionmax Natural Lamp desk light.

Household and office electrical appliances, including computers, emit high amounts of damaging positive ions into the air. Positive ions also contribute to Sick Office Syndrome and fatigue. The Ionmax Natural Lamp desk lamp has a convenient inbuilt air ioniser with two output options for spreading negative ions into the air. This balanced indoor air is cleaned and refreshed. Fresh air quality enhances any reading or study workspace and can help counter unnecessary fatigue.

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