Aldi - Dynamo LED Torch $7.99 (No Batteries Required)

5 March 2008

A special buy from Aldi this week is a Dynamo LED Torch for $7.99.
It has 3 ultra bright LEDs, a Nokia phone emergency charger and 1 minute of winding gives 30 minutes of continuous illumination.

These are great little torches as you wind them up to make them work so never need batteries. Keep one in the car for night time, take one away camping and also have a spare one or two in the house for if the power goes out at night or you want to save power and not put the lights on.

And as bonus can recharge your Nokia phone if you are away from the house and don't have access to an electrical charger.

These can normally cost anywhere from $14 up to $19.
Available from Thursday while stocks last.

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  • admin EDITOR
    I've often wondered whether these were just a gimmick or whether they actually did work. Do you have one ?
  • craftykiwi
    Yes, we have a couple and they are easy to work and quite bright.
  • bigal
    yes, it works... but you have to get the knack of it as seen here
  • admin EDITOR
    damn near cried while watching that bigal. Very very funny.
  • nod
    I have seen the wind up ones before. They work really well. :)
  • trevorf
    They definitely work well. My dad has one of these things, and I have to agree, it's pretty niffty.
  • sab988
    yes, it works... but you have to get the knack of it as seen here
    thats hilarious :o

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