600W EUROLAB Juice Extractor for only $59.90 delivered!

26 March 2007

You can get this 600W EUROLAB Juice Extractor for only $59.90 delivered from Deals Direct. Think of the nice healthy veggie & fruit juices you could make with this one!! I enjoy fresh carrot & ginger juice with mine (not this one exactly, but I mean my juicer)

* 600W power output
* 2 speed control
* Stainless Steel Look Model
* Stainless Steel grate
* Extra large feeding chute (7.5cm diameter)
* 2 litre pulp container
* 1 litre juice jug
* Micro Mesh filter
* able to juice a full apple
* safety lock
* dimension - 43cm high

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  • Emma EDITOR
    [IMG-float=left]http://edge2.dealsdirect.net/images/products/product2_3428.jpg[/IMG-float] This is what I like about this kind of juicer - you can throw the whole lot in, and there's not much hassle with peeling and chopping the fruit & veg into little tiny pieces. It does most of the hard work for ya. I just wish it would come with some sort of self-cleaning mechanism afterwards, as the washing up takes all the fun out of it!!
  • nelly
    I bought one these units a few months ago. Wish I had waited now. But they are rather good value. :) I agree Jayne. I do hate cleaning them afterwards
  • admin EDITOR
    yep - I give a big thumbs up for the ability to just chuck the whole lot in.
  • admin EDITOR
    02/07 - have edited this as they've dropped the price by ten bucks.

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