$5 or $7 for a small or large Self Ink Personalised Rubber Stamp from Vistaprint @Scoopon

2 September 2012

Personalised Self-Inking Rubber Stamp Just $5 for Small or $7 for Large!

Shipping is extra at $4.95 (This is in the fine print and I'm adding it here in case you miss it as Scoopon is pretty shonky for not putting this on the front page)..

Additional charges for blue or red ink

Only 1 Scoopon per transaction (so you can't claim many scoopons and only pay the $4.95 shipping).

I think if you buy other things, the shipping should still remain at $4.95 but I beg to differ if I am incorrect as I have not tried using the Coupon myself yet.


I have purchased rubber stamps from vistaprint and have been REALLY happy with the quality. I have also purchased rubber stamps from artscow and I was terribly disappointed with ArtsCow quality. I would buy from vistaprint again but will avoid artscow for future stamping purchases. (ps. artscow has dried up ink, and I was unimpressed with how they stamp the label with your stamp and inserted it for you and it is obviously faded, so why did they still send the rubber stamp when it has hardly any ink?)

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