2x Radio Control Submarine with Head Lights for $13.80 @ Ozstock

27 February 2009

These look like they could be fun!
This cool little submarine can submerge in a fish tank or spa, or any container of decent size to carry out underwater exploration. Through radio control, the submarine can submerge to a depth of approximately 1 metre underwater! Powered by 2 motors, the submarine can submerge or go up rapidly, or perform other flexible maneuvers, all controlled from the comfort of your finger tips. It has 3 head lights at the front, so it not only runs well, but also looks cool! $13.80 for 2 + $6.90 shipping.

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  • admin EDITOR
    This'd be good in the bath until you got yelled at for wasting time in the bathroom..
  • lisss
    Dont think these would last long but the kids would love them while they do and good price!

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