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20 March 2012

This is more of an info deal than a huge sale.

I am not sure if you all have heard about 2nds world.

They have cheaper goods that are either factory 2nds which include items with only carton damage or a slight dent. A lot of their products are even brand new sell outs for a lot cheaper than rrp. They are on sale everyday on the site. Depending on your luck when you are looking - you can sometimes come across really good bargains.

All their products come with full manufacturer's warranty.

I am linking this to their current catalogue.

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  • SpendThrift
    Not entirely sold on this :-( I checked out a fridge (Electrolux 510lt, model EBM5100SCR) that I'm looking to purchase in the next month or so. Their price, for a factory second, is $1699. On the Billy Guyatts website, the same model (brand new, not a factory second) is $1639. Even the extended warranty was cheaper! (http://www.billyguyatts.com.au/electrolux-bottom-mount-fridge-ebm5100scr.html)
  • lisss
    I have bought from them before. As always, shop around as you may find cheaper. I dont think their prices are amazing but occasionally you'll find a good deal ( as with any retailer, one could say)
  • queenshrew
    I guess like Lisss says, you do have to shop around. Not all their things are automatically the cheapest around, but sometimes - there are some good deals :) Just add it to your list of sites to research for new white goods or electronics I guess :)

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