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2 February 2013

Until now, plastic has been a difficult material for regular people like us to work with.

It usually requires special tools, high temperatures and safety equipment. Not any more!

Plastimake (also known as polymorph) is a non-toxic, reusable, strong, lightweight and biodegradable plastic polymer.

It comes ready to use in white pellet form. All you need to get started is a kettle.

Just add hot water and wait 5 minutes! You can also use a microwave oven to soften Plastimake.

- 100g bag $8 (usually $10 incl postage)
- 800g bottle $24 + $10 postage (usually $30 + $10 postage)
- 20g colour pellets $8 incl postage (usually $10 incl postage) 5g Red, 5g Yellow, 5g Blue, 5g Black. Enough pigment to colour 4kg of Plastimake!


- once heated Plastimake becomes transparent and soft
- once cooled it changes to a hard white plastic
- can be coloured with coloured pellets or other oil-based coloured liquid/powders
- can be reheated and remoulded
- can be drilled
- It is not heat resistant so it can't be used in situations where the item is going to get hot
- It won’t stick to most metal and ceramic surfaces, but it will stick to some plastics.

Examples of applications
- knife or screwdriver handles
- make plastic nuts and bolts
- figurines
- replace plastic corners on items
- rolled into flat sheets, cut out into shapes with a cookie cutter
- knobs / handles / hooks / hangers for shampoo bottles
- customised parts for model racing cars/helicopters
- repairing items which need custom-made parts
- can be used in situations where you can't glue items together
- wall plugs
- shaped into moulds
- custom made buttons
- let your imagination wander and you will find many more applications !

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