$10 Catchoftheday. Everything under $10 and delivery max $10 charge PLUS 6% cashback

12 May 2008

Every Catch Going For Under $10 Each!

Pay a maximum of just $10 shipping, whatever the size of your order! TODAY ONLY!

Maybe something you want? grab a few items and the delivery is still just $10

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  • nod
    anything decent? off to take a look :)
  • nod
    http://bestsmileys.com/lol/4.gif uh oh .. The 10 piece jewellery mega box is back There are a few things in there that are not too bad .. the led pen thing or the ali torch
  • sandgroper
    My Fav has to be the Mini Remote Control Helicopter, I'm still crashing mine, great fun though. Supposed to be indoors use but clever me took it outside so there was less to crash into. Took off and it went straight up for maybe 25ft then with help from the wind went to visit another house nearby. Sent my daughter to recover it :o wont be trying that one again :whistling:
  • voteoften
    I put some things in my cart, got a call, came back 1.5 hours later and could swear that although someitems were no longer there (even as sold out -like Bratz jewellery), there were items that had not been there when I first started shopping. (after that length of time, I had to start all over again - they had emptied my cart - but I am certain that there were new items available - anyone else have this experience?)
  • leny
    I hate everything COTD has ever sent me. :D Well except maybe the notebook lock, and the shower brush - but some of the heads you put on it keep falling off. Hmm

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