1 Day - Knife Block Set 15piece - $24.99

8 October 2010

Great as a gift, or even to adorn your own kitchen work top. The sleek black and metal knives and block will look very sophisticated and never again will you need to be worried about blunt knives with the inclusion of the knife sharpener. Grab your apron and cook book and get chopping!

Each Knife Block Set 15 piece is sold separately.

* 15 pieces:
o 1 x 8 chef knife
o 1 x 8 bread knife
o 1 x 8 slicer knife
o 1 x 6 boner knife
o 1 x 5 utility
o 1 x 3.5 pairing knife
o 6 x steak knives
o 1 x knife sharpener
o 1 x scissors
o 1 x knife block
* Black wooden knife block
* Rubber feet on block
* High quality stainless steel
* Metal inlays in knives and block
* Knives are dishwasher safe
* Knife block dimensions: 12cm (W) x 22cm (H) x 12.5cm (D)
* Model: KB806

Shipping cost is $5.99.

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