1-day kitchen set only $19.95 RRP $108.95

25 September 2009

each set includes:

* 1 x Acrosteel Tempo Coffee Plunger
* 1 x Rubbermaid Ladle
* 1 x Rubbermaid Slotted Spoon
* 1 x Rubbermaid Spoon
* 1 x Rubbermaid Potato Masher
* 1 x Rubbermaid Peeler
* 1 x Rubbermaid Foldaway Grater

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  • frogduck
    Hmm I was wondering about this, seems like its a good deal then :) i'll grab it, thanks!
  • queenshrew
    Sold out! =(
  • admin EDITOR
    I personally think its a bit of a stretch of the imagination to say that the set was worth $108.95. Rubbermaid stuff tends to be very flexible.
  • frogduck
    I really have no idea how much its worth :P are these rubbermaid products usually good? im just buying it as a gift :) ahah
  • admin EDITOR
    I've never used any of them frogduck. It'd make a good enough gift.

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