Zombies, Ninja Blade, Unstoppable Gorg & Superstars V8 for free - Greenman Gaming.

As I posted earlier this week here, Greenman Gaming are giving away 4 PC games for free over the next 4 days. From Friday 12.00 GMT (as in its active now) to Sat 12.00 you can get Zombies, Sat - Sun you can download Ninja Blade, Sun - Mon you can download Unstoppable Gorg and Mon - Tues you can get Superstars V8. Its not a bad deal.

The process to get the games is mildly convoluted so I've gone through it to save you the pain. You need a Greenman Gaming account, a playfire account and the two linked. Its all pretty simple.


The Greenman sign up link is on -top right hand side of the Greenman home page. All you need to do is give your basic registration details. Once signed up, go to your email box and confirm the account. You will need to do this for later.

Once done here go to playfire and create an account over there. The first part of this process asks you for a gamer tag / handle on Xbox Live, Steam, XFire or Play Station Network. You can put in whatever here. Doesnt need to be a valid handle if you dont have one. Second part is linking the Playfire account with your facebook account. Again you dont need to do this if you, like me, find it all a bit much. Just skip it. The last step in the process is to link the two accounts - which it asks you to do on the last page in the sign up process on Playfire. Do it.

Now head back to Greenman Gaming and buy Zombies / Ninja Blade / Unstoppable Gorg / Superstars V8. It'll show up as $0.00. Buy it, then go to your basket and checkout. During the checkout process it will ask you for your address - it doesnt matter what you enter its not used. Thats it - you dont need a credit card or anything of that nature. The next step in the process is 'confirmed' and your presented with the downloadable version of the game. You dont need to enter a card as its not trying to put through the transaction. It goes from your address form to confirmed and the download is available.


Downloading the free game on GMG comes with the consequence of you being signed up to their news and promos mailing list. Greenman Gaming vouchers are fairly prolific. 30% off occasionally, 20% off more often and almost always 20% off pre order vouchers. These are what will be mailed to you along with other blurb if you keep the newsletter subs. If you dont want it go into your personal profile section and untick the mail me box.

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    Ninja Blade now available. Greenman Gaming Ninja Blade free download

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