Your Guide To Buying Electronic Appliances Online - Part Two

So as promised here is part 2 of your guide to buying electronic appliances online. I’ve done a little more in-depth research into where you might get the best deal. Factors I've taken into account include delivery rates for different areas, additional costs for connection, installation and removal of old appliances as well as top-up benefits like product care packages offered by different retailers.

I’ve done my comparisons based on this 7kg Front Load Electrolux Washing Machine EWF1472 which is going at $684 at Appliances Online. They are also offering  free delivery, connection and removal of your old disconnected appliance. On the surface this is definitely the best deal as Harvey Norman has it at $734 delivered and Bing Lee at $782 delivered (no connection or removal of old appliance at either site). Over at The Good Guys you are looking at a price of $738 inclusive of delivery and removal of your old disconnected appliance.   

Location, Location, Location!

It must be pointed out that all these prices are based on delivery within Sydney, NSW. If you are living outside NSW, this can have a significant impact on your shipping charges so it is something that you must take into account when choosing between retailers. The table below gives you a good inkling of what you might pay for delivery depending on where you live.

Comparing Delivery Charges Australia-Wide For  7kg Front Load Electrolux Washing Machine

*Regular shipping rates either not listed or not available

Overall, we see that for metro areas in each state, Appliances Online leads the charge by offering free shipping. I don’t know how it compares on hard to get to areas as these rates are not published online, you will have to contact them separately. Among the other stores, The Good Guys and Harvey Norman offer flat rates to all states while Bing Lee charges extra if you are in Western Australia or the Northern Territories.

Interestingly if you live outside NSW, it doesn’t seem to make sense to purchase from 2NDS World as the delivery charges are extremely high.



Extra Care & Protection

The next factor that I’ve looked at is the extended warranties offered by each retailer. All the stores include a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty in your purchase price, except for 2NDS World which we will talk a bit more about later. These care plans essentially extend the warranty of your product, giving you more protection. Once again Appliances Online is in the lead offering a 3 year care plan for $95 as compared to $99 for a 2 year plan offered by competitors Bing Lee.

Comparing Warranties For  7kg Front Load Electrolux Washing Machine

Comparison of warranties on Electrolux washing machine

+This is for a brand new appliance direct from the manufacturer. The website distinguishes this from their factory second’s but doesn’t clarify if there are any cosmetic defects present.



Best Price vs Best Deal

Looking at prices alone the best price (assuming you live within NSW) would be at 2NDS World where you can get the 7kg Front Load Electrolux Washing Machine for $559 inclusive of delivery, connection and removal of your old appliance.

However this is for a factory second- meaning it could be a refurbished piece, rejected due to a cosmetic defect or a display item. On top of that 2NDS World only offers a 1 year suppliers warranty on this unlike the 2 year manufacturer’s warranty offered on new products at all the other stores. When you compare this to the offer from Appliances Online, you see that you can get a brand new washing machine for $684 with the 2 year manufactures warranty or you can top up that $95 and be assured that your machine will be protected for 5 long years. It is a $220 price difference but with everything it offers, I’d say it was the best deal.



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