Your Guide To Affordable iPad Air Monthly Payment Plans

Apple’s done it again; they have released a sleek and sexy tablet that everyone is coveting. If you absolutely have to get your hands on one but can’t quite afford the rather hefty price tag, there are tons of payment plans that can help you avoid breaking the bank upfront. I’ve looked at the payment plans with data packages offered by Telstra, Optus and Vodafone and put together a list that will help you get the best deal.

Vodafone iPad Air 16GB mobile plan - 4GB data for $56/month


The Basics

Payment plans for the iPad Air differ in terms of the length of the repayment period (usually 12 or 24 months) and the amount of data usage that comes with each plan. I’ve only made comparisons on the 24 month plan as some of the service providers do not offer a 12 month payment plan. I’ve also looked at the more popular data packages of between 1GB to 8GB worth of downloads per month. The prices will of course also vary depending on which edition of the iPad Air you are getting - the 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB edition. The prices listed here include the monthly instalment on the iPad Air plus the monthly fee on the mobile data plan.   

iPad Air data plans


The Best Bet on the iPad Air 16GB Is….

For the 16GB edition of the iPad Air, both Telstra and Vodafone are offering a rate of $56 per month on a plan that includes 4GB of monthly downloads. Optus has a slightly higher rate of $60 per month. If you don’t need that much on your data plan then the best bet would be to get the Vodafone deal with 2.5GB of downloads per month for $49. Telstra and Optus both have smaller data package plans of 1GB going at $51 and $50 per month respectively. If you are a major data user both Telstra and Vodafone have packages with 8GB of data going at $71 per month while Optus has a 7GB plan at $75 per month. The best deals on the 16GB edition are definitely with Vodafone.

Moving On To The 32GB Edition

Vodafone is on the bench for the next two rounds as they are not currently offering any packages for the 32GB and 64GB editions. For the 32GB iPad Air, Telstra and Optus both have small data packages with 1GB of downloads going at $55 and $54 respectively. When we look at the 4GB data option, Telstra has a slightly better deal of $60 per month as compared to Optus $64 per month.  Telstra also edges its competitor out on the large data package deal; they have got an 8GB plan for $75 per month while Optus has a 7GB plan for $79 per month. So I’d say Telstra takes this round.


Get Your 64GB iPad Air At….

I wasn’t able to do a comparison on the payment plans for the 64GB iPad Air as Vodafone doesn’t have a plan listed for this edition and according to the Optus website they do not have stock of the 64GB version.


Plan On Getting 128GB Of Storage On Your iPad Air?

If you are planning on upsized storage on your iPad Air and want to get the 128GB edition, Vodafone is once again the best bet for moderate data users. They are offering a plan with 2.5GB worth of downloads for a monthly rate of $61. At Telstra you would have to pay $62 per month for a plan that gets you 1GB of data while at Optus you would be paying $61 for the same 1GB plan. Vodafone and Telstra both have the same prices on their plans with 4GB and 8GB worth of monthly downloads; $67 for 4GB and $82 for 8GB. The 128GB iPad Air is listed as being out of stock at Optus, but I did take a look at their prices and they aren’t quite matching up to the deals offered by their competitors.


The Final Verdict

Overall I’d say that if you are an average mobile data user, Vodafone definitely has the best prices with their 2.5GB monthly download plans. Prices at Vodafone and Telstra are pretty competitive on the plans with larger data packages. If you are a massive downloader there are XL data plans offered by Optus and Telstra as well - 10GB and 15GB respectively.

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