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Oo.com.au has a sale on their wooden toys, more specifically the Kidcraft toys, which I find thoroughly exciting - I think I may need some child free time soon, I'm getting way too excited about toys! My daughter has a gorgeous Kidcraft kitchen that we bought for her at £220 which was a fortune, but it is such awesome quality that after a year of abuse use by a two - three year old and her friends, still looks brand new.

The Hongji Toys 9 Piece Wooden Toy Box Playset would be perfect for a 1 year old, I think, and at $25.46 is a great price - it's reduced from $29.95, but is also going on eBay for $40.90'd fill the house with Kidcraft toys if I could, so Oo.com.au's sale with up to 55% off on the items I checked is fab with a first birthday coming up!

The KidKraft 26cm Pirate Ship Playset is $67.97. It's $79.95 on eBay and I don't know if I'm doing it wrong, but I can't seem to find it anywhere else online (in Australia, anyway!)<

There's also the really lovely play KidKraft Sundae Kitchen - Pretend Play Kitchenwhich is reduced to $169.96 from $199.95. The postage on this is a whopping $34.95, but that's the same everywhere else I've checked, and it's $10 cheaper than anywhere else I looked too.

So... small savings on what they were, big savings on the RRP, and a bucket load of fun for little people. I adore Kidcraft - they're just the best quality toys, worth every cent. 

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