Women’s Advice to Men When Shopping Online

Women have always cut the trend when it comes to shopping and men it seems have begun to catch on. Contrary to popular belief, men are now shopping online as much as women with both males and females utilising their laptops and other mobile devices at similar levels to buy online.


We all hate to queueing in busy stores as well as coming across our favourite items in every size but the one that fits. So it’s no surprise that for many, shopping online has become a far less stressful and time consuming way to shop. The availability of coupons and discount codes also make shopping online better value for money. If you're a guy who's still not a regular online shopper, here are some of the top tips from the guru-women-shoppers out there to show you the fundamentals of how to get what you want (and for a good price) online.

Men and women shop differentlyBefore getting started with the shopping tips and advice, I did some reading up around the differences between the way men and women shop which was quite interesting. Turns out, men’s behavioural patterns when buying online are very different. A new clothing company that I've started using, called Venroy, has been experiencing significant amounts of growth apparently purely through selling online. They claim that men appear to do their research, look for the best prices and only once they are fairly certain that the items they have chosen tick all the right boxes, will they buy (and generally straight away).

Women on the other hand tend to add things to their basket more sporadically, almost impulse buying all the things they like the look of. They will then leave those items in their basket before re-visiting at a later time/date to check one last time if they still like everything before clicking buy.

Men on average take roughly 10 minutes to make a purchase compared to women’s 15 minutes. A study released from PowerRetail.com.au showed that as men actually spend more time buying online, they increased the amount of money they spent by one third. The amount of items they bought over time also doubled month by month.


Online Shopping Tips and Advice

Use Google to compare prices of online shopping

1) Google is one of the most powerful price comparison tools out there. Avoid making impulse purchases until you've compared costs on a range of different websites to make sure you are getting the best deal available online.


2) Google can also help you find detailed information on just about anything, so make sure you use it to do proper research into whatever it is you're looking at buying (much quicker than perusing your local library). Always check shipping conditions and returns policies too before you click buy, because this could come back to bite you later if you're not happy with the item/s that gets delivered.


3) If enjoy crashing in front of the TV after a long day, use the ad breaks productively by reading up on reviews at your selected retailer's website for the particular product you're thinking of buying. There are powerful communities out there that can provide great insight into the products and companies you may want to use. Don’t be afraid to sign up and ask questions yourself either.


4) The online fashion landscape has changed the level of diversity available, meaning it’s always easy to find something unique and personal to suite your own tastes/needs. Custom made shoes, whacky sunglasses or adventurous ties are now more common place than ever.


5) If you follow any deal hunting websites or coupon pages (like Buckscoop), then keep an eye out for when these websites announce that certain retailers are having sales or offering discounted products. Additionally, if you have a list of specific retailers that you love, you can receive discounts and sales notifications by simply signing up to their newsletters (usually found on the home page of their websites).



Ensure you always use secure online payments

6) Always shop safe. Protecting your payment details is a crucial concern for shoppers when buying online. A quick check to see if the checkout page you are using is safe can be to look at the URL, it should have ‘https’ not simply ‘http’.


Remember, whenever you're thinking of buying something online (whether that be fashion, electronic or even food related), head to Buckscoop's deals and vouchers pages first to see what's been touted as a bargain on a wide range of products. This could save you heaps of time and money if our deal-hunting-gurus have already found a great offer on something.

Happy online bargain hunting!

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