Winter Offers At Hallenstein Brothers

Hallenstein Brothers are keen for your business at the moment with a hand full of different offers for you to choose and benefit from as you prepare for the cooler weather that will be here soon.

1/2 Price on Denim and Chinos

The big headliner on the website right now is for denim and chinos, where you can buy them for half price. That means that you can buy a great new pair of trousers to cover those knees this winter from $27 to $31.50. There's more than 80 different colours and styles to choose from, so I can't imagine you not finding something that fits, so to speak. 

2 for $72 Sweats

 When you're all dressed from the waist down you need sometime to keep you warm up top too, and Hallenstein Brothers have you covered for that as well - 2 sweats for $72.

Actually the offer includes trackie bottoms too, so if you're wanting to get snug in the cooler weather, you can grab a set for $72, or have an alternating set of tops. Whatever works.

From $44.99 to $53.99 for individual items you're going to be saving a minimum of $17.98 if you buy two.

Hallenstein Brothers Outlet

Hallenstein Brothers Outlet sees them clearing out their summer stock with prices from $0.90 for sunglasses, t-shirts from $4.50, and board shorts for the same.

There are over 260 items in this sale section, with all but two coming in well under $30, so if you're not fussed about being seen in this season's togs, you can get a jump start on next Spring's wardrobe for very little money.

Hallensteins offer free delivery in Australia on orders over $50, but if your total comes to less than that, it's $10.

If your order is near the $40 mark it's worth considering buying a little more to get a bit more for the same money!

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