Which is the best Samsung Galaxy S4 Deal

There's been a lot of anticipation and discussion around the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. It officially goes on sale tomorrow, Saturday the 27th of April. Samsung took over the Sydney Opera House for the unveiling of its flagship phone on Tuesday night. This high profile event was one of Australia's biggest technology events which experts are calling a show of force against rival phone maker Apple.

Buckscoop has been on the hunt to see which carriers were offering the most competitive deals on the new Samsung Galaxy S4. Vodafone has launched an offer on their $60/month plan where new customers can pre-order and receive a bonus 1GB of data/month (for a total of 2.5GB/month) for the first 12 months.

In fact, it looks like most of the carriers are focusing on the $60 plans. If you're thinking about going for a cheaper plan, the thing to be careful about are the handset charges as they become much higher. So much so that it gets to the point where most $50 plans actually end up costing close to the better-value $30 options.

Virgin plans are arguably better value for heavy data users but their call rates are higher than parent company Optus. So perhaps not as good for those of you who make a lot of phone calls. Optus appear to be making their sales pitch primarily around offering bonus Quantas Frequent Flyer deals. Existing customers who upgrade to their $60 or more per month packages will receive 8,000 points, while new customers will receive 4,000 points.

Here's a comparative breakdown on the offers from Optus, Virgin, and Vodafone that I found on Lifehacker.com.au. It shows you how much you'll end up paying for the Samsung Galaxy S4 on a 24 month contract for each carrier, including the various plan charges, handset fees, how much call credit you'll receive, how many 2 minute calls that translates to and what they cost, the cost per-minute of calls, flagfall charges (costs to establish a connection), as well as included data and SMS costs.


Carrier Plan cost Handset Total cost Data (MB) Call credit 2-Min Call Cost Num of 2-Min Calls Per-minute Flagfall SMS
Vodafone $60.00 $5.00 $1,560.00 1500 $700.00 $2.36 296 $0.98 $0.40 Unlimited
Optus $60.00 $7.00 $1,608.00 1500 $650.00 $2.15 302 $0.90 $0.35 Unlimited
Virgin $59.00 $2.00 $1,464.00 3000 $700.00 $2.38 294 $0.99 $0.40 Unlimited


(for a full breakdown of all plans offering the Galaxy S4 click here)

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