What Deals To Look Out For In Dick Smith's 20% Off Sale On eBay This Weekend

Over the past month, we've seen some great bargains appearing from popular online retailers via their eBay store pages. These previous promos have included offers like free shipping at Catch of the Day, as well as 20% off selected items from Kogan and Dick Smith. This weekend, it looks as though Dick Smith will be running yet another 20% off sale starting Sunday 17th through to Thursday 21st August.

They are yet to release the 20% off code, which historically only tends to come out just before the promo kicks off. However, it's worth knowing ahead of time which items are either currently offering good value or were heavily discounted during previous sales. This way, when you receive the 20% off code you'll have a fairly good idea of exactly where to look for the top deals giving you an advantage over the rest of the crowds.

To help you prepare for this, I'll share some of the previous bargains found in DSE's eBay sale at the beginning of August.   




As we have no idea which prices Dick Smith will be marking down while the 20% off code is valid, here are a couple of previous deals from their eBay Store page which may be worth checking out first once the code goes live. This is because often when something has been sold in big droves during one sale, retailers often tend to repeat these offers in subsequent ones (stock permitting) in the hopes of generating similar/better sales revenues.


Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries AAA 4 pack

The following list makes reference to the titles of these previous deals but includes links to the products on eBay showing their current prices:

1. "Eneloop AAA X4 for $9.99 + free shipping". This one appeared in their 1st of August sale and was a massive hit on account of it being the lowest price on the market. Not just at the time though, as it also happened to be the lowest we've ever seen on these rechargeable batteries to date as well. Currently sitting at a price of $24.99, I'm sure many will be hoping that another discount is applied once the 20% off code goes live.

Pioneer over-ear headphones (white) SEMJ511W


2.) "Pioneer over-ear headphones (white) SEMJ511W for $8". These are currently listed on Dick Smith's eBay page (scroll down after clicking on the link) at $10 so once the 20% off code becomes active there's a good chance you could get these for $8 once again. And paying under a tenner for a pair of Pioneers...well that's just plain cheap.


3.) "3M HDMI cable for $4.98". Rather ironically, at the time that this deal was on originally you would have found that the exact same DS standard HDMI cables on Dick Smith's main website listed at $44 with the words "low price" next to it (cringe!). Anyway, right now they are priced at $22.49 so assuming you can take a further 20% off, that'll bring the total down to a reasonable $17.99. Hopefully though, there will be another price drop this time round too which will bring the discount level more inline with what it was before.




Don't forget that a great way to squeeze even more savings out of your eBay purchases is to use eBay's 2% cashback offer via CashRewards.

Also, if you're not already aware, eBay currently has a general free shipping code available which is applicable on selected merchants (expiring on Saturday the 16th of August). The list of eBay store pages that you can use this code on is as follows:

The Good Guys
Supercheap Auto
Harvey Norman
Catch of the Day
Cincotta Chemist
Recreate Yourself (RY)
Pumpkin Patch Direct
Kitchenware Superstore

A bit of advice, if you're in the market for replacing any ageing white goods then I recommend you head to The Good Guys. The free shipping code should be able to save your around $40 on their average delivery fees for these types of products. This may just be enough to put TGG ahead of a competitor when running your price comparisons, as I tend to find their white good pricing pretty reasonable overall.




To end off with, here's a short summary of some of the most relevant conditions within the T&C's for this sale which I felt were worth highlighting:

* Offer limited to 5 transactions (including postage) on the Dick Smith store on eBay.com.au during the offer period.

* A maximum discount of $500 per transaction is applicable.

* Payment with PayPal is required in order for the code redemption to take effect.

* The code can only be used for 5 transactions per person (multiple items may be purchased in one transaction).

* Gift cards/certificates/vouchers are excluded from this offer.


Ultimately, I suspect that what will either make or break this sale is how many prices are put up, to what level, and across which popular products once the sale goes live -  something that has been noted on previous occasions. As don't forget, eBay will be taking its commissions on anything sold (anywhere from 5-10% probably) meaning that DSE has to factor this into their pricing.

So let's wait and see what they do, but hopefully there will be more pleasant than unpleasant surprises in store for customers.


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