Weighing Up The Plans Offering The Best Value At Weight Watchers

After comparing prices on Weight Watchers’ diet plans, I quickly figured out choosing any programme with the incorporated online tools (WW mobile app, WW online eTool) will benefit both you and your wallet the most. In addition, with Weight Watchers current $1 sign up offer you can save even more (sign up usually costs $37). Here’s a quick breakdown on how much it would cost you to join the club with what I think is the best value plan for your money. Of course, you’ll have to take into account which plan suits your own needs the best and whether you have the spare time to attend meetings at their centres.


The cheapest option is to choose the online plan, signing up for at least 3 months, on which you'll get their current $1 sign up offer. The total cost works out at $98.95, which is about $33 a month; half of what you would have to pay if you only did a one month programme at $69.65 ($32.65 + $37 sign up fee). The only way you can get an even lower monthly fee is to commit yourself to a 6 month subscription, paying a total of $163.25. This plan carries no sign up fee and works out at $27.20 per month. These online plans also allow you to join an online community, where you can monitor your weigh loss via the Weight Watchers app.   


If you would like to attend meetings, subscribe for the unlimited plan, which also includes online access. This comes with the most benefits at $73.50 a month, or if you sign up for half a year, the price drops to $61.25. The 6 month unlimited plan effectively enables you to go to weekly meetings as well as having access to the online app for an additional $28.25 a month more than the online only plan. That’s equivalent of paying about $7 per meeting.


Weight Watchers meetingsThe most traditional approach, and the original concept of Weight Watchers, is to attend weekly meetings where you can get support from a group and monitor your weight loss together for motivation. A pay as you go plan for this with weekly payments works out the most expensive at $96.60 per month or an extortionate $24 per meeting. My own recommendation though would be to choose the personal support plan where you would get a one-on-one weekly meeting or phone conversation with a professional to help you with your weight loss progress. This is actually cheaper at $21.53 and although these individual meetings/call lengths are shorter (15mins vs 30mins group sessions) you're not having to share that time with anyone else. Before registering, you can get a free health assessment and check your BMI online.



Weight Watchers mealsIf you decide to sign up to the programme, keep an eye out for Woolies and Coles specials, as both of them frequently include Weight Watchers products, such as meals, snacks, sugar-free and low calorie necessities.

Just a bit of stats on Weight Watchers:

According to 2013 reports, Weight Watchers are one of the most popular choices when signing up to a diet plan, ranking #3 as best diet overall in the US, and based on several studies conducted world wide it is the most effective programme as well. Weight Watchers claim that those who join the programme lose twice as much weight as with any other method over 12 months.


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