Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Summer BBQ Tips and Tricks

6 January 2017

Following on from last weeks hacks post regarding hosting dinner parties, this week we will focus on how to master the BBQ when hosting a dinner party. Whether you’re a BBQ novice or an experienced professional there is plenty of hacks in todays post to brush up your skills.

We are going to cover areas such as how to start a coal BBQ when you have forgotten firestarters, or how to masterfully smoke fish or cook the best BBQ ribs in town. If you all of the above then try the BBQ hacks video for other interesting ideas.


General BBQ Hacks

This video covers some great ways to shove flavour into your BBQ food such as cooking with wild rosemary or how to cut a sausage to make it look more decorative than simply just a sausage. If you don’t want to buy a specialised smoking machine then there are also tips on how to create a DIY smoker.

[Source: SORTEDfood]


Starting a BBQ without Firelighters

If you get caught off guard this summer and have forgotten to buy firelighters to start your coal BBQ then this hack will help you save the day in a quick and efficient way. If you wish to save more money then don’t use new candles, but use the left over wax from old candles.

[Source: Viva Frei]


Smoked Salmon

Every guy you know probably likes some form of meat on the Barbie, but you don’t want to be known as a one trick pony so why not expand your culinary skills and learn how to smoke salmon on your BBQ too. This hack gives you clear instructions from start to finish on how to do it yourself whilst at the same time saving money on having to buy a smoking machine.

[Source: Smokehouse Products]


BBQ Ribs

If you would prefer to be a one trick pony and ignore the smoked salmon hack above then diversify your meat variety and cook the best BBQ ribs in your neighbourhood. Save money and buy meat in the sale and prepare them yourself for a more flavoursome experience.

[Source: HowToBBQRight Malcom Reed]


Life Hacks for Summer

Summer is many peoples favourite time of year and when it comes to parties everyone wants to bring their own uniqueness to the table. The following video will teach you some great summer hacks to know, from preparing fruit to accompany your BBQ, to saving money on serving trays by presenting food in the packaging it comes in.

[Source: Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"]

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