Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Smart Ways to Repair and Preserve Wood

Wood was one of the first materials that humans were able to master, building all manner of things inspired by our imaginations. Fast forward a few millenniums and this material remains as popular in today's modern living as it was back then.

Considering its prevalence around us, question is, do you know any clever ways to repair or protect wood to keep it looking newer for longer? In today's hacks post I've decided to cover some insightful ways to look after and treat the wood in your home, most of which are incredibly easy to do.


Light Wood Scratches
If you have any lighter wood items around the house which have been scuffed due to a lack of care or minor accidents, then you will be happy to know that there is a very simple cure to eradicate those scratches / marks. It works almost like magic and the only thing you need for this trick is a walnut. As crazy as it sounds, on lighter wood surfaces it almost rubs them away. The video will explain more.


Watermarks on Wood
I'm sure you've seen those ugly white watermarks on shiny wooden tables that ruin their appearances. I often find myself feeling frustrated that owners have allowed this to happen in the first place, especially on pieces exhibiting expert craftsmanship. Well, when you see how easy it is to get rid of these marks, you'll probably agree that there's no excuse for any piece of furniture to look like this. All it requires is some French polish and some methylated spirits.

[Source: Quest TV]


Distress Painted Wood with Vaseline
If you are into your antiques then there is nothing quite like finding a good quality piece with a rustic chic, which could also be described as having a distressed look. Finding a distressed piece is relatively easy because many people don’t care or know how to look after wood. It's finding those items which don't also have a distressed structure that's the trick. However, if you want to give a distressed appearance to a piece of wooden furniture, all you really need is one basic ingredient: Vaseline.

[Source: Sincerely, Sara D.]


Squeaky Wooden Floors
If you live in colonial house, the likelihood that you have wooden floors is far greater than if you live in a modern build. Regardless, if you have wooden flooring that squeaks when walked upon then there is a way to end this annoyance. Below is a video on how to silence squeaky floors in an old home.

[Source: This Old House]


How to Chop Wood
As winter approaches you may be partial to the odd log fire every now and again, but if you also like the process of chopping your own wood too then you may find that you’ve been doing it all wrong after watching this video. At times it can be a tedious chore, but with this cool hack you won’t have to worry running around picking up all of your chopped pieces. Use this simple chain and thin elastic hack for easy gathering and unloading.

[Source: HIT Sub]

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