Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Pet Care Hacks

Those of you who read our DIY dog hacks article earlier this week may have been wondering why we didn’t cover more pets. This is why today we are going to look at the hacks that can help when caring for your chosen animals. This week we are looking at tips and tricks videos that cover dogs, cats, fish, birds and hamsters.

The following content is useful for both new pet owners and those with experience too. Whether you need to keep your pet entertained whilst you pop out, or you wish to learn better ways to care for them. We have you covered with today’s pet hacks post.


Pet Dog Hacks

The hacks in this video are great for keeping your dog entertained and mentally stimulated. Learn how filling a paddling pool full of ice can provide plenty of entertainment and even a method for keeping your pet cool during hot summer days. My personal favourite was how to use a rubber-cleaning glove to clean dog hair off the sofa with ease.

[Source: CrazyRussianHacker]


Pet Cat Hacks

Similar to the video above, these hacks show some great ways to entertain pet cats with simple money saving methods. If you want to save money on buying cat toys, learn how to turn a basic Tupperware container into a mousetrap game. Furthermore, if you don’t want to buy expensive beds then this video will also teach you how to turn 4 strips of metal wire and a t-shirt into a cathouse.

[Source: Slivki Show EN]


Pet Fish Care Hacks

Pet fish can be a very peaceful addition to your home, but keeping their tank clean can make the difference between a serene sight and an eyesore. The hacks I found useful were how to use everyday household items for cleaning gravel or decorative stones that you have brought home. Also how creating a chart of duties that need to be carried out proved invaluable to keeping on top of maintenance.

[Source: PinkPets]


Pet Budgie / Bird Hacks

This video is called budgie hacks, but the ideas behind them can easily be adapted for looking after other pet birds too. The hacks within, range from basic tips such as using newspaper as a free means of lining the bottom of the birdcage, to advanced ideas such as creating money saving DIY toys that your birds can play with / on.

[Source: Parakeet Lover]


Pet Hamster Hacks

These little creatures can be very cute, but at the same time incredibly annoying due to their nocturnal habits. The hack that I found most valuable to hamster owners was putting olive oil in the join of their running wheel to eradicate all noise when in use and eliminate the use of toxic products.

[Source: Joy Georgina]

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