Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Money Saving Household Items

Cleaning is a chore that we all must endure at some point and for many of us we will go about it as we have been taught by our friends and family. If however, like most of us you hate it, then the content we share today will be ideal for reducing your workload and saving money at the same time.

Todays hack post concerns household cleaning and other household items that can be used to improve its effectiveness or reduce the amount of money you need to spend on alternative product.


Lemon Hacks

Lemons go great with a gin & tonic, but that isn’t all because the properties of lemon juice can be incredibly handy around the house too. The best tip I found from the video below was how to turn a lemon into a spray and using the juice on cut apples, salad and other fruit to prevent browning.

[Source: HouseholdHacker]


Vinegar Hacks

Vinegar is considerably cheaper to buy compared to most cleaning products, but little did we know before today, that is just as effective too. Vinegar can be used to unblock drains, air freshen smelly bins or even replace numerous cleaning products by simply adding water.

[Source: HouseholdHacker]

Salt Hacks

Salt if used in the right way can be so much more than simply an additive to food. The video below will show you how you can save money on buying things such as fire retardant BBQ cloths or buying new sponges after one dirty wash by simply using the mineral differently.

[Source: HouseholdHacker]


Coca Cola Hacks

If one of your kids have managed to get chewing gum in their hair for example, save money on an expensive haircut or re-shaping and try using Coca-Cola to help remove it. Further more, if you or a family member get stung by a wasp or bee, try dabbing it with Coca-Cola, the chemical compound will help sooth the pain quicker.

[Source: The Richest]


General Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning off that rusty grill from that BBQ before summer fully arrives can be a difficult task, but by using some basic home ingredients you can clear it up instantly and save money on products too. If you don’t own a BBQ, then how about using some lemon juice to clear up misty or stained plastic containers?

[Source: HouseholdHacker]

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