Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Everywhere you go this weekend will likely be filled with the Halloween theme all around both for adults and kids. If you are feeling a little lost on how to prepare yours or your kids costumes or even your house for the invasion of kids in search of candy, then these last minute hacks should give you a push in the right direction.

Learn last minute costume hacks to save money on having to buy expensive pre-made ones. Grab a few spooky decoration tips to improve your house for less, plus many other Halloween ideas to get everybody into the spooky spirit.


Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Hacks

This video is great for teaching you how to make your own fake blood, create vampire fangs out of left over false nails or create a lookalike light bulb then these DIY Halloween ideas will keep you busy without costing you too much money.

[Source: HelloMaphie]


Affordable Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costumes come in all forms from the pretty and cute to the gruesome and ugly. If you have no idea which end of the spectrum you want to be at, these 100 Halloween costume ideas will certainly give you some quick ideas on how you can create affordable options from items you have at home.

[Source: CloeCouture]


DIY Halloween Decor

Kids and adults will love these easy Halloween decoration hacks because they are simple, effective and fun once they are finished. Starting off simply you have ideas such as melting crayons on top of your pumpkin to create a multi-coloured glowing head. Those looking for more of a challenge will like the floating ball under the see through sheet, which uses the papier-mâché method.

[Source: Sarah Betts]


Girls Halloween Beauty Hacks

If dressing up like a hideous beast isn’t for you because you have someone you’d like to impress, then you can always use Halloween as an excuse to make yourself hideously attractive. Teenage and young adult females may be more inclined to use the following beauty hacks to add a little danger into their image.

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General Halloween Décor, Food and More

If after watching all of the above hacks you find that you are still missing some little touches to your kid’s evening, these ideas are a great way to fill in the missing gaps. Create spider ice cubes to scare the kids, decorate plastic cups into monsters or make ghost lollipops to share with their friends.

[Source: MissMikaylaG]

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