Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: House Cleaning Shortcuts

Cleaning your house is an important task that needs to be done regularly. Nobody likes coming home to a dirty home and now that winter is upon us we will most likely be spending more time indoors, which gives us more reason to keep it clean and tidy. Yes, it’s a boring mundane task but it has to be done and if you cant afford a cleaner, here are some important cleaning hacks you can use to speed the process.

These hacks consist of cleaning things such as the scum in your bathroom, those pet hairs on your sofa, your dish washer and most importantly, an area where you spend a third of your life, your mattress. Get these jobs done much quicker using the following more efficient cleaning hacks so that you can spend more time relaxing in a clean house.


Animal Hairs on the Sofa

If you happened to have bought leather or faux leather then your job will be a little easier, because a simple dust off and a vacuum down the cracks will get rid of most hairs. However, with fabric sofas using a lint brush to get all those hairs off the sofa can take forever and potentially cost a bit too. Don’t waste another cent on lint brushes and get the job done more effectively with some simple and reusable rubber gloves.

[Source: OWN]


Shower Scum

Don’t take your rubber gloves off after you have finished with the sofa, because you can head into the bathroom and begin tackling that scum build up. The best thing about this cleaning hack is that you can also make the cleaning product out of two ingredients at home. All that you will need to complete the job and remove that scum is dish soap, 2 cups of white vinegar, a spray bottle and a refillable sponge brush. Watch the video below to see how well this product cleans.

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Sparkling Dishes Every Time

Dishwashers are a brilliant invention for busy family households and it’s great to be able to just sling those dirty dishes in and pull them out clean a bit later. However, over time the grime and dirt will build up inside meaning they stop cleaning as effectively as before. If yours has been misbehaving recently and not doing its job correctly, then it’s about time you tried these clever cleaning hacks and made a few adjustments. In addition, these cleaning hacks will help you save money because you wont need to do that annoying re-wash again.

[Source: Clean My Space]


Cleaning Your Mattress

We all love that feeling of clean sheets once we have made our beds, but it’s only half a job if we are lying on top of a dirty mattress which has never been cleaned. Cleaning your mattress is probably something you haven’t thought of before, although it's very easy to clean using this simple method. Considering that we spend a large proportion of our lives in bed it’s important to keep this area as clean as possible.

[Source: Clean My Space]


Wear Your Mattress Evenly

On the subject of cleaning your mattress, if you know that you have to flip it every so often to ensure that you wear down the mattress evenly and don’t create slumps in the cushions, it’s important to know how to flip it over so that you can clean both sides. A better nights sleep can be achieved by flipping the mattress over to reveal a more supportive and comfortable area that’s not as dented by your own body weight.

[Source: Customer Comfort Mattress]


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