Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Fruit and Vegetables

This week within our hacks article we are going to follow the trend of food, fruit and vegetables by looking at the most useful tips and tricks we can use in the kitchen to make dealing with foodstuffs easier.

Whether you consider yourself a novice or expert in the kitchen, today’s food hacks will certainly teach you a few new tricks that you may have missed along the way. If you feel that we have missed anything today, please let us know in the comments section below.


Fruit Hacks

Within the following hacks video numerous fruit tips and tricks are revealed on how to best prepare your items before serving in a timely and money saving fashion. Don’t spend money on unnecessary kitchen tools to help with preparation, try using the around the house items to complete the same tasks for free, such as hollowing our cherries or strawberries with a strong straw.

[Source: fixitsamo]


General Food Hacks

One of the most useful tips I learnt from this video was how sliced bread can be used to keep items such as cakes from going stale. A fairly useful and affordable hack compared to buying large expensive Tupperware. Furthermore I have always struggled to peel mangos because it is quite difficult, but putting the tips within this YouTube video into action made the whole thing simple and hassle free. This video really is worth your time.

[Source: TheRichest]


Vegetable Hacks

Preparation of vegetables at the very best of times may seem boring, whilst convincing children to eat more of them can seem increasingly difficult. The vegetable hacks that are within this video not only reduce the time required to prepare them, but they may also help you get better value for money from your grocery shop by using creative ways to present the veggies to your kids.

[Source: fixitsamo]


Cooking Hacks

When you get around to cooking your food there are plenty of ways to speed the process up or save money doing so. The following video offers plenty of ideas such as how to save money on buying egg whites by providing a simple and cost effective way to remove the yolks with an empty plastic bottle and regular priced eggs.

[Source: Mon Amie]


Kids Food Hacks

This video is great if you want to encourage your kids to eat more healthily and ready them with knowledge on how to prepare meals because it is not only offering advice on eating more healthy foods, it’s also presented by a kid to appeal to them too.

[Source: DreamWorksTV]

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