Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: DIY Christmas and More

Now that December has arrived the shops will be shoving Christmas down your throats until you’re fed up with it. This year, eradicate the stress of Christmas by learning some money saving hacks and time saving tricks from the following Christmas videos.

Learn how to wrap presents in under 15 seconds with a new technique or how you could save money on decorations by utilising household leftovers to bulk out your displays. If the idea of Christmas seems like a waste of money then there are also some tips you can use to create the idea of the festive season in your home without having to buy e.g. an expensive tree you only see for 31 days of the year.


Money Saving Christmas Hacks

This video is packed with money saving Christmas hacks such as how to use less wrapping paper or simulate the idea of a Christmas tree for a fraction of the price a normal one would cost. Furthermore, if you want to add a little ingenuity to your Christmas snacks, there’s a great festive tip for this too.

[Source: Hayley Williams]


Christmas Pun Gifts

The festive season is meant to be cheap, tacky and good fun preferably with friends and family. If you are hard for cash this year then this is your chance to give cheap presents that save money without the expected disappointment. Choose from the following Christmas pun gifts to get a laugh from your receivers without spending what you don’t have.

[Source: nigahiga]


Vegan Christmas Lunch

Vegan food is growing in popularity and whilst us meat eaters may struggle to understand it, we must respect the wishes of others and treat those as we would expect to be treated. Therefore if you have to prepare a vegan meal for certain guests this Christmas, the video below will give you an opportunity to get a step ahead.

[Source: Edgy Veg]


DIY Christmas Decorations

In the spirit of saving money the following video will teach you how to spend less by creating your own Christmas decorations. Turn an old Doritos packet into unique wrapping paper or add a personal touch to your gift by designing your own floweret to suit the person you are giving to.

[Source: BeautyTakenin]


Scrooge Christmas Hacks

Finally, if you like to release the inner Scrooge around Christmas and have a laugh at someone else’s expense then these practical jokes are ideal. Sabotage those sweet scented household candles, or give a dummy Macbook Pro to your Christmas fanatic housemate, so you can have some fun too this season.

[Source: HouseholdHacker]

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