Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: DIY Adhesive on Different Materials at Home

We apologise for the absence of the hacks post last week, everything is back on track from today and you can expect more useful tips and tricks to continue as normal. The topic of our post this week will be on DIY around the house with a focus on how to use adhesive type products to aid these activities. If you have a bunch of odd jobs around the house that you have left to be sorted then today is the day you complete them.

The type of work you can expect to receive assistance on this week will be things like bonding common materials such as wood, treated wood and hardwood. If there are jobs in the kitchen or bathrooms then you can also learn how to bond flooring, marble, tiles, slate and ceramic as well as a host of other odd tasks that may require some professional DIY bonding experience applied.


Using Adhesive on Wood

If you plan on building something around the house of which its materials are made from wood, then you may find that nails and screws aren’t always the best items to get the job done. There are times when strong glue is more suitable to completing these tasks. Masters currently have up to 90% off selected Loctite products so if you plan on gluing it’s worth checking out if they have any discounted products available that are suitable, before getting on with the job.

[Source: WoodworkersJournal]


How to Glue Down Flooring

If you have new flooring to lay around the house and you have chosen a glue-down type then the following video will give you advice on how to prepare your room before you begin, what types of materials you will need to use and ultimately the method you should follow to complete the task. Bunnings and Masters are always a good place to begin searching for the necessary products.

[Source: Lumber Liquidators]


Repairing Broken Marble with Adhesive

Those of you who have broken marble in your property may be wishing you could repair that part which has been chipped off or that has come away from its fitting, well now you can by following the instructions in the video below. The video contains a step-by-step guide showing you both visually and with subtitles on how to fix broken marble, granite or any similar stone work in your home.

[Source: CeramiCure do Brasil]


Gluing Carpet Down

If you are planning on installing or replacing parts of your house floor with carpet and you would like to save money by doing it yourself, then this video provides a cheap and easy, but informative walkthrough guide on how to complete the task. Gluing down carpet incorrectly can be wasteful, especially if you have to rip it up again after incorrect application so please seek advice from the video and your local hardware store where necessary.

[Source: TheDreamCar]


How to Tile a Wall

If you are planning on tiling a wall, for example redecorating a downstairs toilet or simply replacing tiles that have fallen away, then watching the stream below will give you a good understanding of how to prepare yourself before the task. If you get stuck at any point or are unclear on certain aspects then you can communicate with the individuals who upload these videos in the comments section below the YouTube video.

[Source: Tommy's Yard]

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