Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Birthday Party Ideas

Those of you who have kids will undoubtedly have some form of birthday party to prepare your child for over the summer months. Whether it’s a party for yours, your friends or someone in their class, it can really make a difference to everyone involved by learning a few valuable birthday party tricks and tips.

We are looking today at hacks for kids birthday parties, slumber parties, party food, games and much more. Ensure that your kids has the best time possible by helping arm the parents involved with as many games, food and party knowledge hacks possible.


Birthday Cake Surprise

Most younger kids wants an amazing cake, but this one here today offers more than just a great icing character on top. This has to be one of the most fun birthday cake ideas I’ve seen in a while. It contains plenty of chocolate, can be decorated how you like on top and when you cut into it, it bursts with your child’s favourite sweets inside.

[Source: DaveHax]


Party Food Hacks

Organising food for a number of children can be laborious, which is why I quite like the ideas in this video. Pizza, chips and dips is always a winner with most kids. Providing the easy basics with sliced vegetables such as carrots etc. is also advisable to offer some healthy options. This video shows some good ideas for starters, mains and healthy deserts.

[Source: DaveHax]


Slumber Party Hacks

Those parents brave enough to have a slumber party with numerous kids staying over at theirs may want to look into offering some creative ideas to keep the kids occupied until bed time. The hacks in the following video will keep the children entertained and engaged with each other, rather than sitting on Facebook or computer games.

[Source: DreamWorks TV]


Décor, Invitations and More

If you are looking for some creative ideas on how to go about a kids birthday party, this video contains some good content right from the beginning step of creating birthday party invitations in a fun way. There is also a really interesting ice-cream sandwich idea that will no doubt make your kids go crazy for it.

[Source: MissTiffanyMa]


Money Saving Birthday Party ideas from Mums

This last video offers some very useful information from real mums who have saved money when hosting birthday parties for their children. If you are looking to give your kid a great time but also keep costs down then there is some good advice that you can follow in this video, which may help you.

[Source: Living on a Dime]

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