Weekly Lineup of the Top Australian Freebies (October Week 4)

Unfortunately due to a lack of freebies being available over the past couple of weeks, Buckscoop had to refrain from posting a half full list, so we apologise for that. We're back today though with a fresh batch of freebies for you and intend to continue pumping them out to make up for it.

First out of the starting gates is a horse calendar from Hygain, which undoubtedly was timed with the upcoming Melbourne Cup 2015 kicking off next week. Following in a close second we have Toluna, with Google chasing up a steady third. Towards the rear is Masters and Depend although don't let their positions mislead you as to the quality/value of their freebies.


Hygain – Free Horse Calendar

For all you horse lovers or simply anyone that would like a decorative calendar of gracious beasts to mount on your wall/fridge for next year, fill out the details to receive your free 2016 photo calendar. Competition contenders submitted all of the photos shown, so there is a great variety of shots from a wide variety of scenarios from a horse’s life within. There is only a limited amount available so best you gallop, not trot, if you want to be sure of getting one.

Hygain Free Horse Calendar for 2016

Expiry Date: 31st October 2015


Toluna – Free Bourjois Foundation

They call it the 10-hour sleep effect foundation, which gives your appearance a fully refreshed look as if you’ve slept like a baby. This unique anti-fatigue formula conceals all signs of fatigue due to a high concentration of vitamin E, F, B5 and minerals. The foundation aims to turn a dull complexion into an even and rested glow with its light and oil free formula. Bear in mind that applications to get a sample (by taking part in their survey) are only valid between 19th and 26th October.

 Toluna offer Free Bourjois Foundation this week

Expiry Date: 29th October 2015


Google Play Store – 4 Free Albums

This is certainly the most albums we have seen being given away together at once by Google Play. In the past there have been a maximum of three so congratulations to Google for beating their own record. Today the variety starts with John Farnham’s greatest hits comprising of 17 hits, followed by Carrie Underwood’s Greatest Hits, Top Gun’s motion picture soundtrack and finally Kings of Leon’s only by the night.

Google Play Music Store gives away four albums this week for free

Expiry Date: 4th November 2015


Masters – Free Valspar Colour Consultation

Masters are helping customers kick start their painting projects by allowing them to book a free consultation with one of their Valspar Colour consultants. This free service will teach you how to choose the colour scheme that is right for one of three scenarios: painting a new home, renovating or giving your house a makeover. Use Master’s professional experience to help determine what’s right for you.

Masters Home Improvement Free Valspar Colour Consultation

Expiry Date: 11th November 2015


Depend – Free Real-Fit Underwear

If you’re looking for a new dependable solution for incontinence then it’s certainly worth trying the Depend brand, who are giving away 2 Depend products for you to try free of charge. Your order will arrive within discreet packaging so you can feel confident in receiving them without alerting anyone to the fact. There are two products to choose from for men and women, and all come in a range of three sizes.

Depend Free Real-Fit Underwear for Incontinence sufferers

Expiry Date: 31st December 2015

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