Weekly Lineup of the Top Australian Freebies (March Week 4)

I didn't seem to find the time last week to apply for any freebies, so I’m happy that this week's lineup has a great range on offer (and can help all of us save money). If you want to stick it to Telstra in light of yet more service outages, then they've got another free data day coming up. For pet owners, Best Friends are providing free pet checks but I don't want to give away too much so without further ado, here's who's filling this week's Freebie Fridays list:


 Four Seasons


 Best Friends







Four Seasons – Naked Duo Condom Freebie

Four Seasons Condoms are giving away a free sample of a Naked Duo condom pack that comes with a free tube of lubricant. The samples includes 2 condoms and if you visit the company’s website you will find plenty of entertaining material around the subject of sex such as fun facts, funny stories, light hearted adverts made by the company and more.

Four Seasons Naked Duo Condom Freebie

Expiry Date: 28th March 2016



Toluna – Axe Dry Deo Stick Freebie

Toluna’s free sample product this week is deodorant from the company Axe and they will be giving away 350 samples which is slightly above their usual quota of 300. If you prefer roll-on deodorant compared to sprays then this product is ideal for you. Axe is well known for their strong and desirable fragrances so you can feel confident in applying for this freebie.

Toluna Axe Dry Deo Stick Freebie

Expiry Date: 28th March 2016



Best Friends – Dental Checks for Cats and Dogs Freebie

Vets over at Best Friends want to prove to you that they car about your pet just as much as you do, so in the only way they know how they are giving away free dental checks. Dental disease is the number one problem affecting dogs and cats worldwide and they want to help tackle poor dental health before it develops into gum disease, mouth pain or tooth loss. The offer is available to both new and existing customers across all of their clinics nationally.

Best Friends Dental Checks for Cats and Dogs Freebie

Expiry Date: 1st April 2016


 Telstra – Data for all Customers Freebie (Episode 2)

Telstra seem to be on a roll recently with another outage forcing the company’s hand to provide customers with free data to say sorry, yet again. If you are one of the 8 million Telstra customers that were affected, then the company will be providing unlimited data on the 3rd April 2016.  The last free day saw customers download the equivalent of 2.3 million movies or 5.1 million episodes of Game of Thrones. You will not need to do anything to receive your free data. 

Telstra Data for all Customers Freebie (Episode 2)

Expiry Date: 3rd April 2016



Moo.com.au – Paper Sample Pack Freebie

You might be looking for some new decorative paper to start a business, or perhaps you simply need some nice paper for a different activity and without seeing or feeling it, buying online might be a risk. Moo.com.au understand this issue and want to give you the best chance of finding the right choice, so order their free paper sample pack that includes a variety of types such as Original, Green, Super and Luxe.

Moo.com Paper Sample Pack Freebie

Expiry Date: Unknown 

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