Weekly Lineup of the Top Australian Freebies (June Week 1)

Happy Friday Buckscoopers! It’s the end of the week again and we’ve all got the weekend to look forward to. This is the first freebies post of June and similar to prior weeks, we’ve got plenty of goodies in store for you here today. Along with a few products I also have a freebie, which can only be redeemed today the 5th of June. If you’re feeling peckish during your lunch break and have a Krispy Kreme shop in your local area, head down and grab a free donut courtesy of the company.

Are you back from Krispy Kreme yet? Good, let me continue. Whilst you were all stuffing your faces and scrolling those sugary fingers down for more, this week we have another mixed variety of freebies provided to us by the likes of MacX, Soul Blends Tea, Krispy Kreme, Google and Toluna. As always make sure you check the expiry date on each freebie because sometimes they don’t hang around too long so it’s often that typical story of the early bird getting the worm.


MacX – Free Video Converter

This freebie is part of a 5th year anniversary celebration. MacX DVD are celebrating their birthday as well as reaching 5 million downloads by offering 5 exciting gifts, two of which are giveaways. This is your chance to get your hands on a free copy of the MacX Video converter pro. The software (originally costing $49.95) allows you to convert HD, SD videos, YouTube videos and 4K UHD films at speeds of up to 83 times faster than original quality.

 MacX DVD Converter Free Software Download to celebrate their 5th Anniversary

Expiry Date: 8th June 2015


Krispy Kreme – Free Glazed Doughnut

This is the second time Krispy Kreme have treated us to a little tasty snack free of charge. Last time they were celebrating the opening of their 1,000th store, while this time we are being treated due to Friday the 5th of June being national donut day. All you have to do is head to one of their stores and pick up your treat. A limited amount of donuts will be available but they are redeemable in store and via drive through to make it easier for the lazier ones. Use their website to find your closest store. I can tell you now though that Krispy Kreme donuts will not be available in SA, 7-Eleven, Jesters, BP Travel centres or any other wholesale location.

 Free Krispy Kreme Donut to Celebrate national Donut Day in Australia

Expiry Date: 5th June 2015


Google Photos - Free Unlimited Video Storage

If you didn’t already know about Google Photos then it’s about time you did. This is a prime example of Google doing what they do best and flexing their Schwarzenegger sized muscles to beat all other tech giants such as Apple, Dropbox and Microsoft. Google Photos gives you unlimited storage for all your photos, backing them up automatically and organising them in chronological order (plus creates collages, montage videos and interactive stories out of your photos). To put this great freebie into perspective, the next cheapest storage option with a 1TB limit from Microsoft will cost you $84. FYI: Google is the bigger man and is sharing the love with Apple device users as well.

 Google Photos Gives all Users Unlimited Photo Storage on their Device

Expiry Date: 31st December 2015


Toluna – Free Maybelline Baby Skin Cream

This week Toluna are giving away the chance to try a new Maybelline baby skin pore eraser cream (not for babies). The cream has insta-blur technology within it which helps smooth pores away and can be applied over or under makeup. If any ladies out there have intolerances or allergies, then you will be happy to know the cream is fragrance free and is also noncomedogenic.

 Toluna give out free Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Cream

Expiry Date: 8th June 2015


Soul Blends – Free Sample Pack

Soul Blends Tea are giving away free samples to test their new teaSoul blends have introduced a new range of tea products that they "would love for you to try." Filling in their questionnaire will allow you to receive a free pack of teas that they claim they have put their heart and soul into. There is little information online about what tea you will receive in your sample so my best guess (until I receive mine) is that they will base their selection of teas on the type of blend you prefer (answered in question 1).


Expiry Date: 30th June 2015


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