Weekly Lineup of the Top Australian Freebies (February Week 4)

It seems that last week, unfortunately, there weren’t enough freebies available to create a full post so we hope you didn’t miss us too much. However, this week we are back with the same variety of freebies that you’ve become accustomed to.  Get ready because today we have a good selection of free offers that are brought to us by companies such as Steam Games, our regular Toluna, Beta-Heart, TV company Presto and San Churro el Social.


Presto – 6 Months Freebie

Presto are giving away 6 months free viewing pleasure when you use their promo code. If you already have an account or have recently applied with your email address then make sure you don’t use that same email account when applying for your free 6 months because they will prevent you from receiving it. There was no expiry date with the promo code so please comment if you try and your request is rejected do we can notify other users.

Presto 6 Months free viewing Freebie

Expiry Date: Not Available


Steam Games – Battle of Asgard, Renegade and Gunstar Freebie

Steam Games are giving away free versions of the following to entertain us for free...Viking: Battle for Asgard, Renegade Ops /w DLC and Gunstar Heroes when signing up. One of our dedicated users also pointed out you can get Tau Commander for Dawn of War II: Retributions hero DLC if you already own the base game of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II.

Steam Games Battle of Asgard, Renegade and Gunstar Freebie

Expiry Date: 29th February 2016


Toluna – L’Oreal Men Expert Eye Roll-On Freebie

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written about a specifically male orientated Toluna freebie. This week's offer allows 250 individuals to receive this special eye cream. The lotion is designed in very masculine packaging and created to eradicate fatigue around the eyes and reduce imperfections by soothing and hydrating the skin.

Toluna L’Oreal Men Expert Eye Roll-On Freebie

Expiry Date: 29th February 2016


Beta-Heart – 24g Chocolate or Vanilla Sample Freebie

These health-orientated sachets that Beta-Heart are giving away come in 24g packets which are designed to lower cholesterol. The sachet has some notoriety too because it’s been advertised in Women’s Health and Weight Watcher’s magazine. The contents consist of 100% oat and barley that contains high levels of beta glycan that is the key ingredient to fighting cholesterol in the body.

Beta-Heart 24g Chocolate or Vanilla Sample Freebie

Expiry Date: 29th February 2016


San Churro El Social - Ice-cream and Churro freebie

When you join the San Churro ‘El Social’ loyalty program the company will reward you with a free ice-cream, so head down there on a hot day to take advantage. The giving doesn’t stop there, because the company will also reward you with free Churros on your birthday and every 5thhot drink will also be free too. If you download the app or visit the website then you will see the free ice-cream icon appear within your account. Any existing customers will also be rewarded with a $5 credit in addition to the free ice cream for joining the new loyalty program.

San Churro El Social Free ice-cream freebie

Expiry Date: 6th March 2016


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