Weekend Warrior Wine Deals - The Pizazz Of The Shiraz

Unfortunately, Shiraz did not make it into my post last week which gave you a bit of an insight into the origin and qualities of the six noble wine grape varieties. To give the credit that the Shiraz duly deserves though, I would like to dedicate an entire post concentrating on Australia’s pride, a truly characteristic grape giving us some of the most remarkable red wines available on the market.


Originally native to France, Syrah quickly became one of the words most successful grape varieties as it is very diverse and also useful as a blending grape. Shiraz is actually a name reserved for the grape Syrah only when it is grown in Australia. However, due to a wide recognition and marketing purposes many producers now label their Syrah wines as Shiraz’. One unique application of the Shiraz in Australia though is blending it with Cabernet Sauvignon, which became very popular and now makes up a sizeable portion of the Australian Shiraz blends.


Being not only widely produced but highly sought-after as well, we have seen plenty of outstanding deals on renowned Australian Shiraz’ from merchants such as Dan Murphy’s, WineMarket, Cellarmasters, etc appearing on Buckscoop.


I would recommend that you have a look at bundle deals with which you can explore the many different Shiraz’ from various wineries. Currently, even Dan Murphy’s has an excellent offer on a two pack bundle on Annie's Lane and the Red Knot McLaren Vale Shiraz for $20 delivered.

Another store to keep an eye on is WineMarket, who often has cases such as the Bold ’n’ Spicy Shiraz Mix including premium reds like the Pepperjack Barossa Shiraz for below $10 a bottle bundled up - that’s about 50% off the regular price of what this brilliant Shiraz usually sells for.

This weekend Cellarmasters have also reduced the prices on selected bundles by 50% off their usual prices, throwing in free delivery as well. One of the cases included in this “Sale Frenzy” is the Premium Regional Shiraz Mix Dozen for $135.44. It is exactly what the name suggests, two bottles each of six different high quality Shiraz’ from regions such as the Barossa Valley.

I would also like to add VinoMofo to the list of wine stores online, who is very competitive on bundles including award winning and high rated wines. This time around they’re offering a six-case of Shiraz’, each given a rating of over 90 points by James Halliday for $90 (or $15 a bottle). That’s significantly cheaper than the individual prices you would find on these quality reds elsewhere. 


But do not be fooled by low prices nor the previously discussed non-noble title. The only reason that Australia’s national grape does not qualify for the noble title is that it’s a new world wine grape. In fact it was the first variety added to the list of international wine grapes after the original noble six that I discussed in my last post. Besides consistently producing the highest quality wine, Shiraz is also known for providing wines with excellent ageing properties.

As for the flavours of this dark-skinned grape, you’ll taste dark fruits such as blueberries, blackcurrants and black cherries with secondary notes of chocolate and often pepper. Shiraz is a full bodied dark red wine with high tannins, which pairs well with game, lamb and veal dishes.



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