Weekend Warrior Wine Deals - Is Aussie Wine Cheaper Than Water?!

The latest stats show that around one in five regular wine drinkers in Australia have bought wine online recently, making online sales more popular than direct purchases from the cellar door. And the reason? Price.

“The growing use of the online world for wine in Australia was primarily based on a consumer need for pricing transparency” said Natasha Rastegar, country manager for Wine Intelligence Australia.

Nevertheless, if you’re on the lookout for good value wines, a thorough search online will almost undoubtedly help you save significant amounts. And who wants to spend more money than necessary, when in this day and age you can find the lowest price in a matter of minutes where that price, on occasion, will be even lower than that of water.


Looking at major retailers in Australia today (such as Woolworths and Coles, who between them control more than 70% of all retail wine sales), you’ll quickly realise that it’s not too hard to find wine cheaper than non alcoholic drinks or even bottled water. Let’s take Dan Murphy’s, Woolworths’ wine outlet as an example, which is probably the most popular online liquor store with one of the widest (if not THE widest) selections available.


Bowlers Run cheap wine at Dan MurphysThe cheapest wine Dan’s has got in stock at the moment in both red and white are various varieties by Bowler’s Run, which would cost you $2.99 a bottle (or $2.85 in any six). Over at Woolworths, prices on a single bottle of mineral water (similar volume as a bottle of wine) range from $0.81 to $4.83. Compare the average price of $2.82 to the Bowler’s Run, and you’ve got yourself a wine which costs the same as a bottle of water.

A 600ml bottle of Coca Cola sells for $3.76 at Woolies, which is around the same price as a 750ml bottle of red wine. Several wines by Gossips, including a Pink Moscato are priced at $3.99 and you can even get McWilliam’s wines for just $4 a bottle at Dan Murphy’s. I have also found 9 different white wines, which sell for below $4.30 a bottle, in the same price range as 1L bottles of fruit juices such as apple and orange at Woolworths. You could even get several sparkling wines for the same price as it’s non alcoholic equivalent, a 750ml bottle of sparkling white grape juice by Grapetiser. The grape juice sells for $4.57 at the supermarket, meanwhile both the Somerton Brut Reserve Cuvee and the Crittenden & Co Brut Reserve Sparkling are priced at $4.99 a bottle at the liquor store.


We expect to see the prices laying low for a while based partly on the oversupply created by the fall of international demand for Australian wine. Not only are winemakers trying to flock their stock, but are also happy to keep their prices low due to the taxation scheme Australia has currently got in place. Wine is, in fact, taxed based on the value as it is sold rather than the alcohol it contains, unlike other liquors.


Wine deals on BuckscoopWell, this situation is definitely a win for consumers looking for an easy-drinking, affordable bottle of wine for under $10. Buckscoop’s deals board demonstrates this perfectly. Take a look at this week’s wine deals, all of which are exceptional value buys on good quality wines. WineMarket has a cleanskin Barossa Valley Shiraz priced at $7.42 a bottle, or if you prefer whites, the Hunter Valley white blend by See Saw is on sale for just $4.92 a bottle. First Choice Liquor has also wowed us with a steaming bargain on whites, selling a case of six Margaret River Semillon Sauvignon Blancs for just $30 (or $5 a bottle).


If you need some inspiration for finding a steaming bargain on wine in the future, you can always use Buckscoop as a starting point. Our deal hunting experts do not only look for the lowest prices available, but also consider quality and show you how to take advantage of online exclusive promotions, voucher codes and free shipping offers.



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