Weekend Warrior Wine Deals - How To Make $50 Buying Wine At Dan Murphy’s (AMEX Card Required)

First thing’s first, you’ll have to have an AMEX card. As we’ve seen on plenty of occasions lately, AMEX has some promos offering statement credit when you register your card for selected purchases at various stores. But so far this is the best one when it comes to getting credit for buying wine. :)

“Register an eligible American Express Card, spend $50 or more on that Card, in three separate transactions, in-store or online at Dan Murphy's between 14 October and 31 December 2014 and receive one $50 statement credit.  This offer is limited to the first 15,000 Cards to register.”

So let’s take a closer look at this.


There are several good things about this AMEX statement credit offer. First of all it’s at Dan Murphy’s. There are plenty of stores across the country and their online store offers a seemingly endless selection of booze. In the past year prices became a lot more competitive as well, so going to Dan’s doesn’t mean that you’re paying above market prices any longer. In fact, often you’ll find bargain deals on selected cases and special offers, plus we’ve learnt that delivery is free most of the time using Dan’s free shipping voucher.


Take the Penfold’s new vintage releases as an example which are now being advertised by the majority of liquor retailers, but they’re selling out fast. The 2012 Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz is priced at $62.50 per bottle, which Dan's is manage to undercut the competition on considering that elsewhere prices range between $69 and $75. For just 20 cents more you can also get a bottle of the Bin 407 Cabernet Sauvignon. From the same year, Penfold’s Bin 150 Marananga Shiraz is going for $62.90 a bottle which I couldn’t find anywhere else at the moment, so if you’re after this red it seems like you’ll have to go to Dan Murphy’s anyways.

Penfolds new release bin series

Just to list a few other examples of some good value quality wine, you can get 6 bottles of McWilliam's Hanwood Estate Shiraz or their award winner Cabernet Sauvignon for $50.70, the Red Knot Shiraz would cost you $62.40 for the case of six, and you can even get a half dozen of the 2011 vintage Grant Burge Winemakers Selection Shiraz for $78.90.


Terms and conditions state that to be eligible for the statement credit, you’ll have to spend $50 or more on the registered card in three separate transactions. To clarify, for me this phrase implies that a total value of $50 needs to spent in three separate transactions in order to qualify for the statement credit. So to be on the safe side, assume that you’ll have to spend $150 in total (3 x $50) which also makes more sense considering AMEX’s typical discount level of 20-25% (spend required vs. statement credit).

dan murphys amex statement credit offerAlthough I could not find anything in the small print to confirm nor to refute the actual amount of the minimum spend which makes your purchase eligible for the statement credit, if you’re a regular customer at Dan Murphy’s you can easily put this debate to the test. Credits may take up to 8 weeks to issue but generally they should be credited within 5 business days upon confirmation of the transactions. If you do not get a confirmation after three separate transactions being less than (but in total exceeding) $50, then the implication is that you'll have the credit debited to your account after your third purchase of over $50 each.


Time is not an issue in terms of “playing around” with this offer. You can register your card now, which unlike many other AMEX offers which are limited to the first 5000 cards, this one should give you more of a fighting chance with its 15,000 limit. Plus after registering, you’ll have a window to spend 3 x $50 until the 31st of December. Considering Halloween, the Melbourne Cup, and even Christmas coming up before that date, even those who do not spend much on alcohol can easily meet this criteria. On the upside, you might see some steaming deals popping up in the coming months, particularly once the festive season gets underway, so there’s no need to hurry.


This promo excludes the purchases of gift cards and cancelled orders.


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