Weekend Warrior Wine Deals - How To Get The Most Value Out Of Dan Murphy’s Free Shipping Voucher


Although Dan Murphy’s free shipping voucher to metro and regional areas has expired, there’s absolutely no need to panic as these codes tend to pop up on a regular basis. The other good news is that they also regularly issue a separate free shipping code specifically for metro area deliveries too.

A voucher for the latter is issued at the beginning of each month and is valid for the duration of that month on orders over $15 (excluding RTD’s and beer). Alongside this, about twice a month Dan releases another free delivery voucher which is valid for regional addresses as well. These vouchers have the same restrictions, but are usually only active for three days, typically around weekends. You’ll find all the of them listed on the Buckscoop Vouchers page with any additional details included for each one.

Those in metro areas will save $7 on standard shipping charges, which can easily give you a bargain when buying single bottles. The same of course also applies to regional folks who in fact end up saving an additional $5 since their regular shipping costs are $12. As such, this can be put towards the purchase of an additional bottle of wine considering that there's plenty of choice of bottles for $5 or below at Dan’s - like this highly rated Lindeman's Cawarra Merlot.

Dan Murphys free delivery value on Buckscoop Wine Blog

There are some aspects you’ll have to consider when aiming to get the most out of this code, derived primarily from the fact that as I have mentioned above, Dan's does actually allow you to buy a single bottle of wine online. To start off with, it’s very unlikely that you’ll find another retailer who can beat Dan’s prices on any given single bottles of wine, including delivery. The usual suspects who can compete with Dan's in this respect generally sell wine by the case (i.e. WineMarket, Cellarmasters, Crackawines, etc.). First Choice, Vintage Cellars, Jim’s Cellars and Liquorland on the other hand might have a particular wine with a similar price tag as Dan Murphy’s, but their shipping fees will raise your costs by around 30% on a bottle priced between $15 and $20.

Based on that price range, effectively Dan's is giving you the opportunity to have two bottles of quality wine delivered straight to your front door for $30 to $40, which is very competitive. On a side note, it’s also worth mentioning that they often run delivery only specials online offering wines for lower prices than what's available in their stores. You’ll also regularly find good value twin packs and other bundles on sale as well, which the free shipping vouchers can be used with. So be sure to keep an eye out for these when shopping online.


Pepperjack Barossa ShirazLet’s have a look at the two most popular wine labels we often see bargains on at Buckscoop as an example. The Pepperjack Barossa Shiraz must be our number one red here amongst my fellow deal hunters. The lowest it has ever been selling for (so far) was roughly $12 a bottle at WineMarket using their $50 off voucher, which is a steal considering the Pepperjack usually sells for over $20. Be aware though, to get it at that price-per-bottle you'll need to purchase at least six of them (using the afore mentioned voucher) which brings your total to $81 including delivery. If you haven’t tasted the Pepperjack Shiraz yet but you’re dying to know what the fuss is all about, buying one bottle at Dan Murphy’s will currently cost you $17 with delivery. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that you'd be paying at least $28 with shipping for this wine at the majority of other bottle-o’s online.


Penfolds bundle offers at Dan MurphysDan Murphy’s also has a twin pack of Penfolds I haven’t found anywhere else, containing a bottle each of the Koonunga Hill Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon priced at $24.99. Although the two bottles would cost you just a few bucks more at Jim’s Cellars, prices elsewhere start from $36.95 on this “bundle” with shipping.

Talking about Penfolds bundles, I saw that one of this week’s delivery only specials at Dan's was a mixed pack including 4 x bottles of the Koonunga Hill Shiraz and 2 x bottles of the 2012 Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz for a total of $88. The Koonunga Hill reds sell for $15 each on average elsewhere (i.e. $60 for 4), while the two Bin 28’s are worth roughly another $60 - that’s a total of $120 before delivery fees.


And as for the whites, you could order a bottle of the Vasse Felix Classic Dry White, which is a blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc. Although this fresh and fruity white is a very enjoyable wine in the warmer days, you might want to give it a try before you order an entire case. Paying $16.95 for it delivered at Dan Murphy's definitely seems like a bargain compared to prices elsewhere, which range between $20 and $30 a bottle including shipping.

White wine bargains at Dan Murphys

The twin packs and other bundle offers are also good value buys when it comes to white wines, so it's not only limited to the reds. I came across this Brown Brothers gift pack with 3 half bottles at Dan's selling for $17.90. It includes a 375mL Victorian Pinot Grigio (2012), a 375mL Tasmanian Sauvignon Blanc (2013) and a 375mL King Valley Chardonnay (2012). This is a bundle you would typically find at gift shops selling for $24 before delivery, so I'm thinking I should check Dan Murphy's more often for gift packages in the future.

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