Weekend Warrior Wine Deals: Father’s Day Wine Gift With A Twist

There are still three weeks left to find the ideal gift for Father’s Day, so no excuses for having to grab something last minute or worrying about whether or not your order will arrive on time. Wine is always a classic option, so I've put together a few ideas on how to make this gift a bit more special than usual for this Father's Day.

Firstly, it’s important to get a good quality wine. You do not have to be an expert, however, as there are a few simple ways to identify a quality red or white. Besides the obvious giveaways such as established cellars and good ratings, I would also recommend that you choose a grape variety typical of the region. The climate, soil and topography plays a big part in each grape’s (= future wine’s) quality. Here’s a list of some popular varieties and in which regions they grow best:

Shiraz - Barossa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon - Coonawarra

Riesling - Clare Valley

Chardonnay - Yarra Valley

Pinot Noir - Tasmania

Semillon - Hunter Valley


Out of the above, the option which I think would be the safest bet is a wine which virtually every Aussie red wine drinker adores, the Barossa Valley Shiraz. You just simply can’t go wrong here. A great value for money option is the Pepperjack Shiraz, which we have seen several bargains for historically on Buckscoop. The lowest I have ever seen this wine for was $13.50 a bottle at WineMarket using a then-active voucher. However, if you do happen to find it for below $20 then you're still looking at a good deal. Right now oo.com.au is selling a case of six for $107.94 with free delivery, which works out at $17.99 a bottle.


Alternatively, you can spend a bit more and go for a classic Shiraz from the renowned Penfolds’ range. Although these can get very expensive, the Bin 150 Marananga Shiraz (which was rated 94 points by Andrew Caillard) is currently priced at a very reasonable $68.30 at Dan Murphy’s.


I think what could give a unique twist to the usual gift of a bottle of premium red, is a set of glassware specifically shaped for the wine that you have chosen. And don’t assume that these types of glasses are overrated. Head to any wine seminar and you'll find lectures covering the importance of these. Special wine glasses enhance the drinking experience, and with this being a “gift accessory” you don’t have to be able to afford a entire set either.


The most iconic wine accessories you will find are from Riedel, but they tend to be quite pricey. A set of two Shiraz stem wine glasses would cost you $99.95 at most retailers such as Myer, DJs, Kitchenware Direct, etc. Although Dan Murphys seems to sell them for about 10% less at $89.90. A more reasonably priced option are Krosno Vinoteca glasses, which would only cost you $39.95 for a set of 6 with shipping from House. Kitchenware Direct has a wide selection to choose from. Everything from lower budget items to fancier, more expensive glasses on which you can apply their free shipping coupon in order to save on delivery costs.


Riedel wine tasting set If you can afford to go all in and make this a luxurious wine sampling bundle, then consider ordering a mixed case of the six main premium varieties listed above (you’ll have to do the “mixing” yourself) accompanied by a wine tasting set. Peter of Kensington has a very reasonable offer on a Riedel stemless tasting set, including glasses for 5 of the above mentioned 6 grape varieties which costs $99 plus shipping fees. Another decent deal I found is on the Vitis tasting set by Riedel, which includes 4 glasses and is on sale at their home page for $149.95.

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