Wall Stickers 20% Off @ TinyMe

I have a love affair with reusable wall stickers. We have a gorgeous woodland set up in our playroom - a glass walled patio that leads on to the garden - that just adds such a flair of childlike innocence to the room. It's just lovely. We also have 'blackboard' style wall stickers up in our kitchen, which make perfect shopping lists, and a fairy themed 'blackboard' up in the family room with the days tasks on it. They are perfect for rented walls, since they don't leave a residue and make for quick and easy changes in decor and themes, especially in children's rooms.  They're also really great theme additions for birthday parties. 

I don't personally know the TinyMe range, but they do have beautiful stickers with scenes of butterflies, rainclouds, cars, roads, and my favourite, the very Narnian woodland lampost scene. It's stunning.

  • To qualify for 20% off, you need to head over to TinyMe's Facebook page and 'like' it to receive your own unique discount code.


  • Donkey
    My partner has filled our sons room with wall stickers. I was a sceptic but now a days reckon they look great. Better still when you can get them at a bargain.
    • LouiseJ
      Yip, I'm a sucker for them! But I'm one of those people who have to move the furniture every six months, or I get bored and want to move house. These are a lot cheaper, and less effort ;)
  • Donkey
    Shame - Stuck On You just had a 10% voucher plus free shipping yesterday. Missed it.

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