VinoMofo: A Humerous Way to Get Wines At 50% Off

VinoMofo are an online wine merchant whose deals have begun cropping up on Buckscoop's deals board with increasing frequency. While their hilarious tongue-and-cheek descriptions of wines provide endless entertainment, the prices on each offer are no joke. We've seen an impressive run of bargains from VinoMofo lately on cases of wine at levels well below average market prices.

If you've not yet purchased anything from this merchant, let me give you a quick rundown of what sorts of offers you can expect as well as how they operate.



Each day, a small selection of handpicked wines - including mixed cases, premium reds, whites and sparkling wines - are made available in the form of deals which last anywhere from 1 to 4 days from what we've seen to date. These are generally advertised as being at least 30% off RRP with many showing discounts of up to 70% off. From the numerous deals being posted on Buckscoop over the last month, it looks as though VinoMofo have little trouble getting you 50% off what other retailers are charging for the same bottles of wine online.  

Many of the reds and whites included in these deals have scored over 90 points on the Halliday scale and are produced by well known 5 star Halliday wineries. You can choose between cases of both six or twelve bottles of wine which all carry delivery charges capped at $9 to anywhere within Australia.

While VinoMofo do not appear to be frequent issuers of coupon codes, probably as a results of their already heavily-discounted prices on wines, they do sometimes run free shipping promos. Signing up to their newsletter or keeping an eye on Buckscoop's Vouchers page are good ways to stay up to date with important notifications like these.

You'll need to register (either using your Facebook login or an email address) in order to access VinoMofo's selection of deals, however, doing so means you'll receive a $25 off voucher towards your first purchase. Any friends which you then invite to join will also earn you additional $25 vouchers too.



A very popular offering in their daily deals section are the secret "Black Market" deals where no names are given. Instead, descriptions provide clues which shoppers can then use to try and figure out on their own what the wine is. These descriptions contain details such as the vintage, grape variety, vineyard area, tasting palette, Halliday score, awards and retail prices of the wine.

Besides offering a bit of fun, it also encourages potential buyers to do some research online - a subtle method to improving their overall general knowledge on wine. In most cases it's not too difficult to work out which wine is being referred to based on the information given, however VinoMofo do provide a money back guarantee if customers are not 100% satisfied with their purchases.



Sticking with the "mystery selection" theme, you can also join Club Mofo after which you'll receive a numerous cases of wine selected by VinoMofo at a fixed price - $199 for reds, $159 for whites and $179 for mixed cases - during the course of the year. Club members receive free shipping on them with an option to cancel any order in advance. By signing up you're essentially agreeing to 6 individual payments being automatically withdrawn from your account for each case of twelve (including a starter case followed by one case every three months: February, May, August, November and an extra case at Christmas time).


To get a true flavour of what VinoMofo is all about, just watch their promo video on the About Us page...hilarious.


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