Vikk’s Voucher Guide - Chapter Two: THE ICONIC Coupon Codes

Following my previous voucher guide post on ASOS, this week THE ICONIC gets put in the spotlight. Here are some tips on what to look for when it comes to THE ICONIC coupon codes, their discount value, validity and conditions; everything that you need to take into consideration when looking for a bargain online.


THE ICONIC is quite generous with their coupon codes, at least when it comes to issuing them. We see these vouchers popping up on a weekly basis, and often more than one code at the time. In general I would say THE ICONIC has at least 4-5 active coupon codes at any given time. Their periods of validity can range from three days up to a month, often overlapping with each other. Unfortunately, you can not stack codes at THE ICONIC, so always make sure you choose the one giving you the most savings upon checkout. THE ICONIC will also reward you for signing up for their newsletter with a $10 off voucher.


The discounts these codes give you tend to stagnate at around 20% off, and are either tied to a minimum spend threshold or are valid only on selected categories. All THE ICONIC codes exclude G-Star RAW, Tony Bianco, Nike, Jets and Sass & Bide brands; and are usually applicable on either one of the following selected categories: sale items, new arrivals, kids clothing, shoes and accessories, summer styles, bestsellers, and selected brands. Here, on Buckscoop we have seen several deals using the promo codes mainly on sale items, you can check out some of them in this other blog post about best buys on dresses. 

With regards to the codes which they issue with a minimum spend requirement, THE ICONIC often mixes up the format, using either a fixed amount (i.e. $10 off) or a fixed discount percentage (i.e. 10% off). Ultimately though the discount levels don't vary much and most of the time you'll end up with somewhere between 15-20% off. So expect to find codes offering discounts of between $10 to $45 off with minimum spending thresholds of between $69 to $200.


The North Face shoes on The IconicOnce in a blue moon there is a discount code giving you 20% off sitewide, with no required minimum spend. Just remember that the exclusion of  the above mentioned brands (G-Star RAW, Jets, Tony Bianco, Sass & Bide and Nike) still apply. If you do come across this code or one giving you over 25% off, do not hesitate to take advantage of it as both of these belong to the endangered species list of THE ICONIC coupon codes. A good example to what a code like this can get you is this deal on a pair of The North Face running shoes.


If your purchase meets more than one code’s requirements, simply test them all at checkout to see which one will work out most beneficial. THE ICONIC offers free shipping on orders over $50. Applying a voucher can drop your price below the free shipping threshold, so to avoid additional charges ($7.95), make sure your order total stays above the $50 mark. Check Buckscoop’s Deals page for ideas on how to get additional items while still paying less than the full shipping costs.

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