Top Picks For Prepaid Mobile Deals

Top Picks For Prepaid Mobile Deals

I spent a little bit of time over the weekend pitting some prepaid mobile deal against each other and trying to figure out if I should make the switch to 4G. 4G of course brings the promise of faster internet and enhanced connectivity. Those are incredibly seductive words for anyone with a smart phone.

If you are in the market for a new prepaid mobile plan then you are in luck, because there are a bunch of brand spanking new deals designed to lure in fresh meat. In making a decision about which plan you want to go for, you should keep a couple of things in mind such as how much you are able to pay monthly, what your data usage is like and whether or not extra speed is a priority.


Big On Data, Low On Price

If you are one of those people that spends every waking second connected to the internet whether its tweeting, updating your status on Facebook or an 8 hour marathon of guilty dog clips on YouTube; you need a plan with tons of data.

Hello Mobile is currently offering 50% off the first month on their Unlimited 40 plan which comes with a whopping 4GB of data. Instead of the usual $39.90 you can now pay just $19.95 for one month of unlimited calls, messages and all that data. There is an active deal with more details on this Hello Mobile 50% off offer, so do check it out. Act fast because the deal is only valid until 30th March. Once your free month is up, Hello Mobile will cost you $39.90 per month for unlimited calls and SMS and 4GB of data. Hello Mobile operates off Vodafone’s 3G network.   


Boost Your Speed At Half The Price (Especially For All You Tasmanians!)

Vodafone currently has their $40 prepaid starter packs going at half price. So for just $20 you'll get 1 GB of data, $750 worth of flexible credit and unlimited SMS. The real perk of this plan is that you get access to the speedier 4G network where it’s available. It is a particularly good plan for those in Tasmania as Vodafone has just launched their 4G network there.


Social Butterflies This One Is For You

Optus have a plan that’s specifically targeted at the social media obsessed. They are offering plan which gives you unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, eBay, Foursquare and LinkedIn. The Optus prepaid social plan costs $40 a month and that comes with unlimited SMS, 350 free minutes and 1GB of data for your non- social media needs. This one also gets you access to the 4G network where it is available (unfortunately not yet in Tasmania though).


Budget Shoppers -Try For Free With Yatango

Yatango has a 30 day trial offer that allows you to try their prepaid plan for free without making a commitment. You basically get free minutes, 600 SMS and 1GB of data for free. This expires after 30 days and then reverts to a pay as you go plan. This offer gives you flexibility in experimenting with a plan to determine if it meets your needs. Yatango operates on Optus 3G network.  Depending on which plan you pick, the subsequent month rates range from $33 to $39 per month with fixed minutes and message limits and 1 GB of data.


Hopefully this breakdown of the key points of each prepaid plan will help you make the right choice.


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