Top Notch Buckscoop Bargain Hunting: Stacking 3 Offers from 2 Retailers on 1 Website

Our notorious deal hunters are at it again and this time one of them has found a steaming hot bargain geared around the warming climate. Combining three offers, from two retailers on one website, this summer orientated bundle includes the superb Sony HTM377 home theatre system which can then be stacked with a Puma sports pack (The Good Guys offer) plus a bonus Coleman BBQ (Sony promo). All for under $1000. 

This is a superb example of experienced deal hunting, whereby multiple offers are stacked around the cheapest available price for a product online to expose some incredibly good value for money. Once again, saving you the time and effort of having to figure it all out for yourself.

The starting point for this deal is the Sony HTM77 Home theatre system, which Buckscoop deal expert "Earth" found the lowest price for over at The Good Guys. The system is designed to pack a punch with 2 x 30cm subwoofers, it can be wired up to all your essential multimedia systems with 3 HDMI ports, plus connect it directly to your mobile phone with Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

The stylish black and grey finish gives the 9 speakers a powerful and masculine look within your living room, and all for just $988. Let me reiterate this more clearly to show you what a bargain this deal is... JB Hi-Fi have the same system priced at $1,397, Bing Lee for $1,249 and Videopro (next cheapest) for $1,198. On top of that, none of the 3 more expensive alternatives offer the free Puma sport pack worth over $160 by my estimations.

Puma Sport Pack worth $209

The bonus Puma sport pack mentioned above is available from TGG free when purchasing a range of products such as a 48” or bigger TV from Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Hisense, LG or TCL. Or with selected home theatre systems, sound bars, network music systems or Blu-ray.

Now this is important, the pack can be claimed with any of the above qualifying purchases between the 11th and 24th of November 2014. But to receive your Puma pack you need to be within the first 1,500 people to go online and claim your bonus, before stock has ran out.

So if you are quick enough to qualify for the Puma bonus, you can expect to receive the following (apparently valued at $209):

  $100 PUMA gift voucher (to use online)

  1x PUMA branded black sports bag

   1x PUMA running cap

   1x PUMA water bottle

   2x pairs of socks (randomly assorted colours & sizes)

But I was interested to find out how this $209 valuation given by TGG stacked up against market prices, because I found it a little hard to believe that cost of the products elsewhere would add up to the remaining $109 (considering $100 of the pack's value is assigned to a gift voucher). So I did a little research to compare prices against the quoted RRP of this pack:

What I found based on the above is that these item's actual value before shipping is $62.21. If you include delivery charges, then you're looking at $82.25. Either way though, with the $100 voucher you're still getting some good value thrown into this deal overall.

Bonus coleman nxt 300 grill at Sony

Finally, our cherry on the cake, is this sweet bonus Coleman gas BBQ which is part of Sony's "Summer of Sony" promotion. The offer is available to Australian residents who purchase a qualifying product from an authorised dealer between the 28th October to the 25th December 2014. Claimants will receive one Coleman BBQ (Model #: NXT300, valued at RRP $399), which according to the T&Cs is "available as an instant redemption at point of purchase".

Not surprisingly, the BBQ’s actual value is less than the RRP of $399 on the open market. According to the commentary in the deal for this on Buckscoop, online stores are charging between $249 - $299 for it. But I don’t want to take anything away from the BBQ, since it appears to have been well received on, particularly in terms of its portability versus performance for the price.



So in a nutshell, the purchase that keeps on giving is priced at $988, which is cheaper than any other store without the bells and whistles added. Then if you are within the first 1500 people to claim your Puma sport pack, you will add an additional $183.25 worth of products to your purchase. Plus to ram the point home that this is a smoking hot deal, with your Home theatre system purchase you are eligible to receive a Coleman NXT300 BBQ free of charge, which has a value of between $249 - $299.

To those of you who like numbers, in mathematical terms, your initial outlay of $988 for the Home theatre system is increased in value to $1,420.25 ($988 + $183.25 + $249) by The Good Guys and Sony with their additional bonus offers, which all in all makes for some very good shopping, whoever you are.

NOTE: A cheaper option that also involves the stacking of these three offers is on the Sony HTCT370 (2.1ch Sound Bar System) plus a bonus blu-ray player as well as the Puma sports pack, for just $378.

P.S. To make this deal even better and raising its status from a great deal to one of the best deals we have seen this year, all you have to do is increase the purchase cost to over $1,000. In this case buy an additional item which has the value of $23 or more to qualify. Upon doing this, TGG will offer you a $200 store credit which increases the value of this deal from $1,420.25 to $1,620.25. But you must be quick, because this store credit offer ends Wednesday at 7pm.

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