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What do you get when you invite Captain America, Kiss and the cast of Star Wars to a BBQ? Well, it could be one hell of a Halloween party.

With the 31st of October looming around the corner, this week’s hottest deals on Buckscoop give you a couple of great reasons why you should party it up in style this Halloween. If that isn’t your scene there are also some great excuses to stay home and waste away the weekend breaking in a brand new game or adding to your wardrobe.


5) 30% off on Halloween costumes with discount code from

Starting the countdown off at number 5, we have this deal from Costume Box for 30% off a whole range of Halloween costumes. The discount code is applicable on most of the regular priced items. There is a minimum spend of $85 (before applying the discount code) and there are lots of costumes to choose from. If you haven’t already picked out something to wear for All Hallows Eve, I would definitely suggest taking your pick at The promotion ends this weekend so you have until Sunday to decide exactly who you want to be.


4) iPad Mini 16GB is $308 at Big W

iPad Mini 16GB is $308 at Big W

This next deal is one for the techies and gadget lovers- which seems to be just about everyone these days! Big W has the iPad Mini on sale at $308. This is for the 16GB edition, available in black and white. This is an in-store deal and it works out to a savings of about $50. The price comparisons suggest that it is around $41 to $50 cheaper than the listed prices at other stores. Importantly the price comparisons don’t include shipping charges and once you factor that in, you wind up saving quite a bit more by going for this Big W in-store deal.  


Brahman 4 Burner Hooded BBQ for $39.80 (Members Price) at Rays Outdoors3) Brahman 4 Burner Hooded BBQ for $39.80 (Members Price) at Rays Outdoors

Moving on, we have reason number two for a why you should have a Halloween party; Rays Outdoors has the Brahman 4 Burner Hooded BBQ for $39.80. This is a member’s only price and the best part is that becoming a member won’t cost you a cent- it’s absolutely free!

I’m predicting that this deal is going to attract a lot more heat over the weekend because the same BBQ set is over $200 elsewhere.


Princess Polly sale with 30% off promo code and free shipping2) Up to 66% off sale + free express shipping + 33% off with promo code at Princess Polly

This week’s runner up has been working its way up the chart all week. It featured in last week’s list, where it took fourth place and it has steadily moved up to second place this time around. The deal that I am talking about is none other than the huge sale currently going on at Princess Polly. The site has items at up to 66% off their regular prices and there is also a promo code available that allows you to save up to 33% more of current sale items. The poster has very kindly worked out how you can get the best out of the deal so make sure you check out the post before you begin your shopping spree.


1) Pay What You Want For Nordic Games DLC

And (drumroll please….) the hottest deal for the second week straight is this charity bargain - also known as the Humble Weekly deal. The Humble Bundle allows you to pay what you want on selected Nordic Games. This week’s bundle features a new array of titles such as

  • Cities XL Platinum
  • Blood Bowl Legendary Edition
  • Divinity II: Developer’s Cut
  • RAW- Realms of Ancient War
  • Game of Thrones
  • Confrontation

The minimum offer is $1 and if you pay $6 you will unlock the codes to Wargame European Escalation and The Testament of Sherlock Holmes.


This week’s deals leave you with a lot of decisions to make, the most important of which is undoubtedly which superhero you want be!

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